Vitria wins Operrio, breathes and brings Cruzeiro closer to Z4 in Serie B

(Photo: Andr

O victory achieved an important result this Saturday morning in fight against relegation gives Series B. The team from Bahia visited Operrio and won 1-0 in the German Studio Kruger, in Ponta Grossa. It was the first victory as a visitor for the team that took over the 17th position, now with 23 points, two less than Cruzeiro, which is in 15th place and still plays in the round. Raposa’s opponent will be Gois, at the Serrinha Stadium, on Tuesday (7), at 9:30 pm.

Vitria adds five games without losing (three draws and two wins), coincidentally since the coach Wagner Lopes was hired to replace Ramon Menezes. Operrio, on the other hand, came in for the second consecutive defeat and lost the chance to touch the G4. The people of Paraná stayed with the same 32 points, falling to 10th place.

The first 45 minutes had Operrio more effective and Vitria betting on counterattacks and air balls to have better luck as a visitor. On minute 20, Marcelo advanced from midfield and took a risk from outside the area. The ball exploded on Lucas Arajo’s crossbar and went off the end line. Then, at 26, Thomaz received it at the entrance of the area and kicked in, demanding a great defense from the Bahia goalkeeper.

Little by little, Vitria managed to get more of the ball and, 39 minutes in, opened the scoring. After a cross from the left, Mateus Moraes appeared on the second post and headed hard into the back of the net.

Second time

In the second half, the match returned at a very different pace and without great opportunities. Operrio’s first goal chance came only at 18, when Djalma Silva received from Rafael Choro and submitted. The ball even deflected on the mark before leaving.

Vitria responded at 23, when Soares gave great assistance to Samuel. The forward received a free kick in the area, but missed the domain and finished too far, wasting the chance to extend the score. In the final minutes, Operrio went for the all or nothing and flung balls in the area of ​​Vitria in search of a draw, but without success.

Operrio returns to the field on Saturday, the 11th, to face Sampaio Corra, at 4:30 pm, at the Castelo stadium, in So Lus (MA). Vitria will play on Friday, against Remo, at 7 pm, at Barrado, in Salvador (BA).


WORKER – Yes the; Fbio Alemo (Pedro Ken), Rodolfo Filemon, Reni and Djalma Silva; Leandro Vilela, Marcelo (Gustavo Coutinho), Thomaz (Rodrigo Pimpo) and Rafael Longuine (Rafael Choro); Paulo Srgio and Felipe Garcia (German). Coach: Matheus Costa.

WIN – Lucas Arajo; Van, Thalisson Kelven, Wallace Reis and Mateus Moraes; Pablo Siles (Cedric), Fernando Neto (Gabriel Bispo) and Bruno Oliveira (Soares); David (Ronan), Samuel (Wesley Pionteck) and Marcinho. Coach: Wagner Lopes.

GOAL – Mateus Moraes, 39 minutes into the first half.

RBITRO – Douglas Schwengber da Silva (RS).

YELLOW CARDS – Rodolfo Filemon, Rafael Choro and Felipe Garcia (Operrio) and Cedric (Vitria).

INCOME AND PUBLIC – Game played with closed doors.

LOCAL – Germano Kruger Stadium, in Ponta Grossa (PR).