Viviane Araújo appears for the 1st time ready for marriage to Guilherme

Viviane Araújo, 46, appeared for the first time ready for marriage to Guilherme Militão. The two go up to the altar tonight and promote the celebration at a site in the West Zone of Rio Janeiro.

The actress’ friend and makeup artist, Junior Mendes, shared a video on Instagram of Viviane ready for her wedding, wearing a veil and holding a bouquet.

Unable to stay for the party, due to another wedding tomorrow morning, Junior talked about not having missed her friend’s makeup. “It’s going to be a big party. I’m on my way to the airport that tomorrow I have a very early wedding in Gramado, but I left everything ready, the bride will come in now. She’s a friend I have as a sister. I couldn’t not make my sister to the wedding,” he said.

Earlier, Salgueiro’s drum queen showed her arrival at the wedding venue in Instagram Stories. “Coming. The so dreamed day. My uber is going to leave me here”, joking with her husband, who was taking her to the place.

big day

Present alongside Viviane in the preparations for the wedding with Guilherme Militão, the actress’ mother, Dona Neuza Araújo, made a point of telling her daughter that she didn’t approve of the slit she’ll have in her wedding dress.

“The slit? Look, honestly, I wouldn’t put any slits,” Neuza declared. The actress’ makeup artist, however, warned that there’s no way to change because it’s in the nick of time. “But there will be a crack. Don’t be offended at the time, but there will be a crack,” Junior said.

Dona Neuza, then, stated that her displeasure is due to the fact that Vivi is showing too much when it comes to climbing the altar. “The slit you’re going to have is awful. That’s it, guys. You’re going to go in with your thighs all showing. For love’s sake [de Deus]”, shot.

After hearing that her daughter parades with her thighs visible to the public at the carnival, the actress’ mother got ‘pistol’ and stated that marriage is a serious ceremony.

“Carnival is carnival, let’s agree. Carnival is carnival, but today it’s a serious thing. Marriage is a serious thing,” he complained.

Viviane Araújo interrupted her mother to say that Carnival is also an event that counts on serious work. ‘Hey, but Carnival is a serious thing, mother. No joke, no,” he declared.

Dona Neuza, again, disagreed and stated that marriage is only once in a lifetime:

Carnival is fun, it’s once a year. Marriage is once in a lifetime.

In the end, Viviane Araújo gave up on the story and started showing her makeup step by step for her wedding to businessman Guilherme Militão.

declaration of love

Happy with the arrival of the big wedding day, Viviane used social media to make a declaration of love to the groom. The actress and the businessman will celebrate their marriage, tonight, in Rio de Janeiro.

In a post on Instagram, the actress published a photo in the arms of her partner and celebrated that the long-awaited day of going up together on the altar had arrived. “It’s here my love!!! Today is our big day! The day to celebrate our love, our union that is so beautiful and blessed by God! Being with you my love was the surest decision I’ve made in my entire life! I love you, Gustavo Militão,” he wrote.

Viviane and Militão made the union official in May this year, but the celebration takes place, officially, tonight, in a party house in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the newspaper “Extra”, the wedding party will be for 300 guests in a place surrounded by nature. Xande de Pilares and the drums from Acadêmicos do Salgueiro cheer the guests. The bride’s dress is signed by Lucas Anderi.