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At the beginning of his career at Globo, Luciano Huck had special stage assistants: his classmates, pretty young girls with little clothes who helped the presenter in the program’s frames and danced sensually for the cameras. Today, most of the girls who took part in the program in the early 2000s are following other paths, far from the artistic milieu.

Dany Bananinha was the most successful in the role. So much so that he still uses the nickname as an artistic name. She continues working as Luciano Huck’s assistant and will continue with the presenter at Domingão. Karen Júlia is also on TV, as an actress: she was the Issa of the soap opera Genesis, by Record.

Other former classmates left TV and pursued other careers. Joanna Tristão became a psychologist, and Luana Ferreira works as a lawyer, for example.

Find out how the former classmates of Caldeirão do Huck are doing today:

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Dany continues working with Luciano Huck

Dany Banana

She was the most successful of her peers. For becoming the most famous of the show, Dany Bananinha did a lot of publicity, VIP appearances and even made the cover of Playboy. In addition to being a model, she became an actress and was part of the casts of soap operas and specials on Globo, such as O Astro (2011) and Da Cor do Pecado (2004). Today, Dany is married, has a daughter and will be on Domingão with Huck as well, as the presenter’s right-hand man. Dany assists in the direction, production and presentation of the show, staying on stage but without sexy clothes.

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Luana Ferreira graduated in Law

Luana Ferreira

Like Dany, Luana was also one of the first group of classmates and stayed at Caldeirão for ten years. In an interview with the newspaper Extra, she said that she graduated in Law in 2006 and left the program in 2010 to open her law firm. Luana lives in Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo, is married and the mother of two children (Dany Bananinha is the godmother of one of them).

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Joanna became a psychologist after the Cauldron

Joanna Tristan

She was among the first classmates and left the program in 2001, to act in the miniseries O Quinto Dos Infernos (2002). Joanna still ran advertising campaigns and worked as a model for a while longer, but decided to change careers. She graduated as a psychologist and works in clinical care for her patients. Married and mother of two children, lives in the interior of Rio de Janeiro.

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Sandrinha became the mother of six children

Sandrinha Andrade

Sandrinha was just 17 years old when she got a place to be a classmate at Caldeirão, in 2001. She graduated in Journalism and even worked as a reporter for MTV and Band in Rio de Janeiro, but left her career to dedicate herself to her family. She is married and the mother of six children — who are between 19 and a year and a half.

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Karen developed her career as an actress

Karen Julia

She joined the cast of classmates in 2004 and was Caldeirão’s first black stage assistant. Karen was already in theater at the time she joined the show and left the cast to pursue an acting career in 2010. Since then, she has landed roles in soap operas and TV series. Recently, he appeared in Arcanjo Renegado, by Globoplay, and in Genesis, by Record.

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