Whindersson Nunes plays with vaccine in Joinville’s ‘butt’ when taking the second dose

The comedian Whindersson Nunes cited the vaccine in Joinville’s “butt” when he was taking the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 on Friday, 3.

In a video posted on Instagram, Whindersson lowers the back of his pants to the nurse, as if he were going to get the vaccine in his butt. “I saw a piece of news from Joinville, I thought it was like this here”, he joked.

In the publication, the comedian also wrote: “I was so happy! I thought it was in the popo”.

The video has already passed 1.8 million likes on Instagram.

The form of vaccination in Joinville became a topic all over Brazil a few weeks ago, when a resident posted a message on Twitter, and other users of the social network found the protocol strange. The case also had repercussions internationally.

The City of Joinville informs that the Ministry of Health advises that the application of the immunizing agent must be intramuscular, that is, in the deotode region, which is the arm muscle, or in the ventrogluteus, which is the region on the gluteal side.

As the application of other vaccines is already routine in the ventrogluteus in Joinville, the city decided to apply the vaccine against Covid-19 in this region, considering that it is less painful and causes fewer local reactions.