Whindersson Nunes shows too much and embarrasses nurse

Whindersson Nunes, comedian and actor, got too excited about the immunization against the new coronavirus. the ex-husband of Luisa Sonza posted a video that caused a stir on social networks, showing part of the butt. The record divided opinions and the beauty’s followers approved.

The artist was vaccinated this Friday (3), making a big mess inside his car, in a drive-thru vaccination against Covid-19. Thinking that the dose would not be applied to the arm, the comedian Whindersson Nunes ended up pulling down his shorts, dropping his underwear and showing the intimate region to the health professional.

Through his Instagram profile, Whindersson Nunes made fans aware of the vaccination and explained what happened. The comedian was supposedly confused by being excited about the special moment: “I was so happy! I thought it was in the popo. Don’t forget the second dose”.

The famous man has already returned to recording the new season of Os Roni, produced and broadcast by Multishow, Grupo Globo’s pay channel. Gkay, Oscar Magrini, Falcão and Tirullipa also returned to the humorous. With a cast and reformulated and without the presence of Carlinhos Maia in the series, the premiere is scheduled for September 8th.

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Joelma also recently met with Whindersson Nunes. The reason for the merger was to record the series Next Parada 2, backstage it is possible, the singer and the comedian dancing carimbó together. The comedian’s project came with the idea of ​​showing the local culture from every corner of Brazil, free of charge to followers.

Even with many news, Whindersson Nunes is still sad after the death of his son João Miguel. The actor last Monday (30), published an emotional text, touching the admirers: “I woke up missing João Miguel so much, I wanted to meet that guy. He was going to be a nice guy, but he’ll pass”.

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