Will La Casa de Papel have season 6? Find out how the Netflix series ends · TV News

After the premiere of the first five episodes of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel on Netflix, subscribers began to wonder if the series is expected to have a sixth year. The answer is no. The second part of the current batch of chapters, which will be released on December 3, will mark the end of the Spanish production that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

According to Alex Pina, creator of La Casa de Papel, there is no possibility of a sequel, as what will be presented to the public in volume two of season five will end the plot on Netflix for good.

In an interview on the website of the American magazine Esquire, he explained that the work to make the final part was not finished yet and that the five episodes that will be available in December were being edited.

“We recorded an average of 32-34 days per episode, that’s a lot for Spain, but also for the US. It was a very complicated recording, it’s an extreme war genre and we’re putting it together now,” said Pina.

The creator of the series, however, did not deny the possibility of new productions focused on the universe created in La Casa de Papel. “I think we have to finish editing this season, watch and determine if there’s really an open door for a spin-off, or if we want to tell you something more about any of the characters. But at the moment, there’s nothing in mind.” .

fifth mortal season

[Atenção: spoilers da quinta temporada de La Casa de Papel!]

The first episodes of season five kept the show’s tradition of not forgiving beloved characters. Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) was the victim of an armed confrontation between assailants and Spanish army soldiers.

Although she was shot down by the villains, her farewell had the essential emotional charge to make the audience cry in the last moments of the first part.

In addition to showing the outcome of the heist, the ending of La Casa Papel will also have to bring answers to the saga of the characters that continue in tense moments in the Mint of Spain.