With an eye on the future, Santos renews contract with promises from the base

This Friday, the president of the saints, Andres Rueda, signed contracts with brothers Kauan Basile, aged 9, and Lucas Yan, aged 15. The youngsters are already active in the club’s youth categories and have had their bonds extended.

The brothers are sons of former player Andrezinho, revealed in the Corinthians youth categories. The father accompanied the entire process along with the boys’ wife and mother, Tatiana. Lucas, who acts as a defensive midfielder and is captain of the under-15s, had his training contract renewed, while for Kauan, who is a midfielder and is starting in the field in the under-11s, the career plan was signed, already lining up conditions of the first sports initiation bond, training contract and professional contract.

“Our objective is to invest and strengthen the base, offer athletes a dignified structure and complements such as language and technology classes, preparing them for the future,” said Rueda to the club’s website.

The father and former player Andrezinho spoke of the importance of seeing the two athletes following their careers at Santos. “It is inexplicable what is happening and we just have to thank God. My wife and I struggled a lot to be here and we believe that Santos would be the right place for them to become a professional, graduated and having the opportunities they deserve. I am very proud to be here”, he said.

Family gathered to sign contracts. (Photo: Santos/Disclosure)

The brothers talked about this new bond with Santos. “Very happy, I know about my family’s struggles, my parents help me and I want to continue here until I become a professional. I’ve been here since I was six years old,” said Kauan.

“I’m very happy and motivated, because it’s a dream that everyone wants to have, to be at Santos. I really want to become a professional and at Santos we know it’s easier, because they value the base, there’s already the story of Meninos da Vila and I’m moving towards that”, said Lucas, also thanking his parents. “They always encouraged us and we will follow this dream together.”

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