With Nonato’s great goal, Brazil beats Argentina, takes gold in five-a-side football and maintains hegemony – Sports

Brazil completed another perfect five-year soccer campaign Tokyo Paralympic Games with the 1-0 victory over Argentina in the final. Like Nonato’s great goal, the Brazilian team won all five games without being leaked even once and secured the fifth Paralympic gold medal in the sport. The medal is also historic as it is Brazil’s 22nd gold medal in Japan, guaranteeing the best campaign of Brazilian athletes in an edition of Paralympics.

The result means the maintenance of Brazil’s hegemony in the sport: since the debut of five-a-side football at the Paralympic Games, in Athens-2004, only Brazil has won a gold medal. And, more than that: with five editions and 25 games played, Brazil remains undefeated.

Argentina started with danger in a free kick, which Brazilian goalkeeper Luan defended. Brazil took a while to enter the game, but the first submission was quite dangerous, with Paraná hitting the opponent’s post. Ricardinho submitted twice in a row, taking danger.

Argentina had to replace captain Deldo, who was injured, and the match was held back for a few minutes. At the end of the first half, Ricardinho kicked a crossed ball after a corner kick, but the ball passed in front of the goal and did not enter. The first half ended with 0-0 on the scoreboard.

In the second half, Brazil came back dominating the game more, but the first submission came with only five minutes played, by Paraná. Afterwards, Nonato took the risk and the Argentine goalkeeper made a good save. In the attacker’s second attempt, there was no way out: Nonato dribbled the entire Argentina team (literally) and hit the left high to score a great goal, opening the score.

Argentina, who hadn’t finished yet in the second half, tried to react with a shot with Espinillo for goalkeeper Luan’s great defense. Brazil responded with Paraná, who was stopped just before kicking when he was face to face with the opposing archer. Paraná had another chance, which the goalkeeper defended. In the final minutes, Brazil’s defense held up well and was not threatened, guaranteeing the victory by 1-0 and the fifth gold medal.

In the campaign, Brazil passed the first phase with only routs: 3-0 against China, 4-0 against Japan and another 4-0 against France – this last game, with the reserve team. Argentina, meanwhile, also had only victories: 2-1 over Morocco, 2-0 over Spain and 3-0 over Thailand.

In the semifinals, Brazil had a very complicated opponent in Morocco, who defended themselves well, and was still hampered by the rain, but managed to triumph 1-0 thanks to an own goal by Berka. Argentina defeated China 2-0. In the dispute for third place, Morocco thrashed China 4-0 and took the bronze.