Without Navarro, Rafael Moura should win his first chance as a starter since he arrived at Botafogo

He will have a chance to prove he still has the strength. Without Rafael Navarro, suspended by the third yellow card, the Botafogo must have a novelty to guide the offensive system against the rowing, this Saturday at 7:30 pm, at Baenão Stadium, for the 23rd round of Série B: Rafael Moura.

The shirt 9, hired by Botafogo in June, aiming to dispute the Brazilian Championship, should start a match for the first time since he arrived at the club.

Until here, Rafael Moura played 18 of the 22 games that Alvinegro played in the national competition – all, obviously, coming out of the reserve bank. The attacker’s average is to participate for 17 minutes of a game. That is, if you add it all up, He-Man has the minutes of three complete matches and a little more.

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Now, the trend is for time not to be an issue. After all, the striker has been a key part of Coach Enderson Moreira’s scheme. Without Rafael Navarro, the team loses in mobility and play outside the area, but gains, with the arrival of He-Man, air presence and pivot play.

He-Man will likely have playing time and, more importantly, will guide the offensive system into an important match. Due to the proximity of the Serie B teams, Botafogo can finish the round in any position between the 3rd and 6th places.