Woman Arrested in Hawaii for Missing Vaccine Name in False Passport

A woman was arrested in Hawaii after presenting authorities with a false health pass — a certificate proving the visitor’s immunization —. One detail, in particular, caught the attention of state officials and raised suspicions: she had misnamed the vaccine on the falsified document.

According to Hawaii News Now, on the local CBS affiliate, the detained tourist is Chloe Mrozak, 24, an Illinois native who arrived on the island of Oahu last week when she sent it to Safe. Travels, from the Hawaiian government, a vaccination card that specified that she had received the “Maderna” immunization agent.

However, the name of the vaccine is actually Modern. The image of the fake pass she used was released by ABC reporter Tom George.

Kauai County Attorney Justin Kollar joked about the gross error on social media, saying that “‘Maderna’ is what law professionals call a ‘clue’.”

Also according to Hawaii News Now, Chloe was initially able to proceed with her vacation while local police investigated her criminal and medical history, but she was eventually arrested for forging a vaccination card at the airport, trying to board her way home.

Although the vaccination card states that she was vaccinated by the National Guard in Delaware, she allegedly claimed to the police that she paid for a private vaccine and was immunized in her doctor’s office. Chloe remained detained until the $2,000 bond, that is, R$10.3 thousand at today’s rate, was paid.

Tourists from the continental United States can visit the islands of Hawaii without the need to perform quarantine if they can prove they have been vaccinated or undergo a test — which should be negative — for covid-19. However, this was not the first case of flagrante delicto for counterfeiting in the archipelago.

Hawaii Governor David Ige recently urged people to avoid traveling to the region, which is experiencing a new outbreak of the disease.