Zeca Camargo makes a surprising revelation about a mansion sold by Xuxa Meneghel and shocks everyone

Zeca Camargo
Zeca Camargo makes a surprising revelation about a mansion sold by Xuxa Meneghel (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Zeca Camargo opened the game after learning that Xuxa he sold his mansion in Barra da Tijuca for 45 million reais and decided to tell him everything he knows about the property.

In a note published on UOL, the presenter revealed that he had already visited the property for interviews and was absurdly impressed with everything he saw.

“It’s an iconic house. I must say that I’ve been in this house doing interviews and that house she had moved to live in, Sasha grew up there and it’s a super thought-out place”, declared the journalist.

“Something that always caught my attention is that there is an outdoor bird aviary, it must be a lot of work to take care of. The house will come with an instruction manual, because it’s complicated”, said still.

It is worth remembering that, in an interview with Splash, the singer Karinah, who is the new owner of the mansion that belonged to the Queen of the Shorty, spoke about the acquisition.

“It’s a very green place, very spacious, and it’s the ideal place for us to raise our twins, that’s what delighted us. In fact, Xuxa was very attentive to the children”, evaluated.

“We learned that the house was built thinking about Dona Alda, Xuxa’s mother. They had beautiful moments there”, completed the famous.

The house, it should be noted, was sold for as little as 45 million reais. The property was put up for sale in 2018, after the death of the blonde’s mother, Alda Meneghel, aged 81.

The residence has a tropical garden, private cinema with bathroom, recording studio, elevator, toilet and a basement apartment.

The outdoor area has a terrace with swimming pool, volleyball and basketball courts, bucolic garden, gourmet kitchen, steam room, changing room, swimming pool with waterfall, Pilates room, whirlpool and gym. Images from the inside were also shown.

The mansion also has a closet, office, bathroom, large kitchen, two pantries, and a large living room, divided into three rooms that integrate with the leisure area, in addition to five suites and a garage with space for six cars, machines and service area.

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