505 admits he mishandled the PS5 and Xbox Series Control upgrade • Eurogamer.pt

Promise not to repeat the mistake.

At a time when Sony is under fire for its decision to restrict access to both generations of consoles to the more expensive versions of Horizon Forbidden West, 505 Games acknowledges that it mishandled the Control upgrade.

In an interview with GI.biz, Neil Ralley, president of 505 Games, the publisher of Control, developed by Remedy Entertainment, spoke about the controversial decision to restrict access to the free upgrade from the previous generation to the current version to the Ultimate Edition. This denied those who purchased the original version the ability to transition free from PS4 or Xbox One to PS5 or Xbox Series.

“Each transition from one generation to the next creates challenges in game development and release. The Smart Delivery option, if I may use the term to generalize, was something we hadn’t faced before as an industry.”

“For Control, we made certain decisions that constrained how we can run Smart Delivery for the next-generation version of Control. These were correct decisions at the time, but they created roadblocks.”

As he says, there was no way to go back and change what they did to activate Smart Delivery in the original version of Control on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but they learned a lot from it and even how they should communicate with the audience.

“Going forward, we will be able to do this much better and you’ll see that in the next examples we have with Ghostrunner at the end of September and Assetto Corsa at the beginning of 2022. I’m very confident that we will manage this much better. “

Ralley also says that they spent months trying to find a way to allow the free upgrade to the original version of Control, but they always found blocks and ended up not being able to do so.