A rushed passenger is spotted at a US airport wearing only a bikini

A female passenger was momentarily famous on the internet after a video showing her calmly progressing through an (unidentified) US airport went viral. In the images, initially shared by an Instagram profile, it’s possible to see that she had nothing to hide from security officials. She and her partner looked hurried, boarding passes in hand, but most important of all, they were properly wearing a face mask.

The footage, posted on the “Humans of Spirit Airlines” account, which shares unusual scenes seen at airports on planes and satirizes the airline known as an “ultra-low-cost carrier,” came with the following description: “When you have a pool party at noon and a Spirit Airlines flight to pick up at 4pm. At least she’s wearing a mask.”

In an article published by the New York Post, the journalist recalls that, although this is just another typical day at a South Florida airport, you can expect that some airlines will deny you boarding. However, there is no standard dress code for boarding an aircraft, but each company can establish its own policies.

Another important point to remember is that she wore a mask approved by US regulations and therefore ensures that she will not be fined or even thrown off the plane for this.

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