Airbus A380 is seen leaving storage and returning home

Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines

After months out of operation, yet another giant Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 was recently seen exiting its desert storage and flying straight to the Asian airline’s headquarters.

Registered under the registration number 9V-SKY, the double-decker aircraft departed the desert city of Alice Springs, Australia, on September 1st and flew straight to Sydney International Airport, where maintenance was scheduled before the long journey to Singapore .

After the maintenance, which lasted one day, the aircraft took off from Sydney on Friday (3), bound for Singapore’s Changi Airport, the base of the giants of Singapore Airlines, on the almost 8-hour flight SQ8896. Below you can see the giant’s route to his house.

Image: FlightRadar24

This is not the first of the huge jets in the company’s fleet to leave storage to perform maintenance and fly to its base in Singapore. The company has been gradually withdrawing from stocking one by one of the A380s for months.

Despite the movements that could indicate the aircraft’s return to the skies, given the gradual resumption of passenger air operations still in the pandemic, a company spokesman told AeroTime that “This movement is part of the ongoing management of our fleet, ensuring that we remain agile, flexible and prepared to deploy capacity in the markets according to demand. The return of the aircraft to Singapore will allow scheduled maintenance to be carried out.”

Furthermore, when asked about the definitive return of the A380 to service, the company replied that “We have no plans at this stage to return any of our A380 aircraft to commercial service, however, we will continue to monitor travel demand closely and will remain nimble to ensure that the right aircraft can be deployed to the appropriate route as needed.”

After retiring five Airbus A380s, the airline currently has 19 units according to Planespotters data, and expects to retire another seven of them, while the remaining 12 would be retired by the end of this year.

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