Ana Paula Siebert travels with Roberto Justus and exposes overwhelming suffering: “A tight heart”

Roberto Justus Ana Paula Siebert
Ana Paula Siebert travels with Roberto Justus and reports suffering (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

On the last Thursday (02), the digital influencer Ana Paula Siebert used his official profile on social media to vent to fans.

She, who is married to the presenter Roberto Justus, published a sequence of videos in which he talks about how difficult it is to travel without his daughter, Vicky, only 1 year old.

“Today is travel day and I have a heavy heart, suffering in advance. On this trip, Vicky is not going. This is a couple’s trip, mine with my husband. Enjoy us a little. And it is also necessary, right? But I have a heavy heart”, lamented.

“This time it’s been a lot harder than the others, she’s understanding a lot more. When it’s a little baby, it’s different. Now she calls, she asks. So, think of a heart that is aching,” said yet.

The blonde stated that the fact that she is going to a nice place does not alleviate her pain as a mother at all: “Only mothers who understand. When I heard this from other mothers, I thought: ‘Wow, I’m exaggerating, it’s going to a nice place’. I know it’s part of it, but it’s suffered”.

On his Instagram, Roberto shared images of the moment he says goodbye to the youngest heiress. “Tight farewell hug from our princess. Lots of love involved”, he wrote.

Recently, Ana Paula and Justus promoted a birthday party to celebrate little Vicky’s first birthday, bringing together several guests in one place.

The celebration featured several pink, white and blue balloons, in a decoration that was explained by the decorator Andrea Guimarães as being for an intimate party: “There are about 50 guests”.

According to Purepeople, it was reported that there was a “drive-thru” of tests for Covid-19, with the intention of preventing the disease at the site. “Here it’s huge and nobody gets in before taking the test”, said the professional.


Ana Paula Siebert
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