André Luiz Frambach wards off betrayal of ex with Larissa Manoela

André Luiz Frambach claimed not to have betrayed Rayssa Bratillieri with Larissa Manoela. The actor took up the romance with the actress after being snapped in day on the beach this Friday (3). “I can guarantee with an open heart and with all the love that lives and that I have inside me, that there has never been any disrespect for someone who has been by my side for so many years, or betrayal”, assured André Luiz in an Instagram page dedicated to he and Rayssa, who were a couple for two years until they split in June.

“But when we’re single we can go ahead and live what we have to live. As we said. The affection, admiration and respect has always existed and will always exist, but being a single person today nothing prevents me from living and doing what I want do!”, stressed the artist of soap operas such as “Éramos Seis” (2019/2020).

The rumors of André Luiz and Larissa’s affair began in the second half of July and about a month later they were seen together on a Rio beach. The actor defended himself after the fan club wrote a lengthy piece about his relationship with Rayssa commenting on rumors of an alleged betrayal on his part.

“You don’t know f***** any of their lives, you don’t even know half of what their relationship was like. So before you point your finger, remember that when you point one, four fingers go back to you. André and Rayssa. I love you no matter what,” wrote Jenefer, owner of the page.