Angelina accuses Brad Pitt of associating with a rapist and experts come to the star’s defense

Brad Pitt (Disclosure)

The bug is picking up in Hollywood. In addition to the public fight for the custody of underage children, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt they decided to fight for another reason.

Pitt countered the claims of the ex, who said in an interview that he felt bad when he wanted to work with Harvey Weinstein, film producer accused and convicted of raping several women.

Didn’t understand the story! We explain. This week, Angelina gave an interview to The Guardian newspaper, and spoke among other things about her divorce, and the release of the film eternal, her first as a superheroine.

In the chat, however, she reported that it was one of Harvey’s first victims when he was just 21 years old., when being cast in the movie Hearts in love (Playing By Heart).

According to the star, the producer made what she called “unwanted advances in a hotel room.”

She said: “I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth and as a result I chose never to work with him again and let others know when they did.”

In a recent interview, Angelina described the incident as “beyond a simple attempt” and said: “It was something I needed to escape from.”

Angelina warned her first husband Jonny Lee Miller about Harvey. She said he “was great” and listened to her concerns, including spreading it to other actors and actresses.

Many years later, she was asked to star in the aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio, but declined due to Harvey’s involvement.

“I said no because he was involved. I never associated or worked with him again. It was hard for me when Brad [Pitt] did that,” she revealed.

Brad and Harvey call

Pitt worked with Harvey on Inglorious bastards. He was credited as a producer on the film of Quentin Tarantino. In 2012, Angelina claimed that Brad asked Harvey to help him release his movie The Mafia Man.

However, sources close to Brad said he simply mocked Angelin’s statementsa, hours after the article with your lines is published. According to film experts, Pitt would never have really associated with Harvey, and only his producer, The Weinstein Company, would have been responsible for distributing the feature.

battle in the courts

just like in Mr and Mrs Smith, Angelina and Brad are at war, but in court.

She recently won a victory when a higher court granted her motion demanding that the presiding judge be disqualified.

She accused him of not revealing his ties to Brad’s lawyers. Before the judge was disqualified, he granted Brad joint custody of the children. However, as the judge was expelled, his order was overturned.

Earlier this week, the actor filed a petition asking for a review of the decision. He believes the kids should stay with him half the time, despite Angelina’s objections.

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