Anitta takes Maiara for a night out in Miami and gives the BEST advice to her friend, after news of the broken engagement; come watch

A friend like that, man! Anitta proved once again that she is one of the best people, after sharing in the stories several advices for Maiara, from the duo with Maraisa. Amid rumors that the countrywoman ended her engagement with Fernando Zor, the carioca seemed to have confirmed the story and took the artist to a night like that in Miami, in the United States.

This Saturday (4), Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, reported the end of the engagement between Maiara and Fernando Zor, adding to the couple’s several break-ups and reconciliations in recent years. Until then, neither of the two confirmed the information publicly, but it seems that Anitta has already resolved this issue… The powerful one met with Maraisa’s sister and the two fell into the night. “Come with Mom and I’ll teach you how to live, dear! You’re living wrong, okay?! Let’s take a walk and I’ll show you how you live”, began the artist.

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Maiara and Fernando Zor got engaged in February this year. Photos: Reproduction

Quite outspoken, Anitta actually shared some tips for Maiara and all of her followers, apparently referring to the countryman’s constant reconciliations with Zor. “Start then write down the rules of life that I’m going to teach you. Yo-yo was made just for children to play, babe!”, let go of the rogue. In a restaurant, the carioca recorded a new sequence saying that Maiara would be her new disaffection in the media if she “got out of line”.

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“I’m here talking and I found out what will be my next fight in the market. It will be with Maiara. If I see any news saying ‘Maiara comes back’, ‘Maiara ends’, ‘Maiara comes back’, we fight, I don’t talk to her anymore. So that’s it, she will choose now. That’s the choice, never talk to me again. Me huh?! Feeling embarrassed out of nowhere, I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for some time. Now it’s over! We’re loose there in Miami! The jiripoca will chirp!”, handed Anitta, remembering that she had already invited her friend on other trips, but that she was always between loving “comings and goings”. “Missed a lady trip, several bofes, several things happening!”, added.

In the early hours of this Sunday (5), the two returned to the stories and it seems that Anitta fulfilled her promise. The night was good! Kkkkk The singer revealed that Maiara disappeared inside the ballad and it was necessary to mobilize security to find her. “To know the ballad you need to disappear? I sent all the security guards at the club after you, nobody found you!”, had fun. Look at these two pictures:

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And directly from Brazil, Marília Mendonça watched the videos and 100% approved the rolezinho of her two friends in the gringa. “Anitta can join the squad to take Maiara to the roster, because if she depends on her sister’s vein and the tired one here, she’s fucked”, wrote on Twitter. The queen of suffering still delivered that she received a call from Maiara in the middle of the night. “4:30 am calling, sister… I’m [dieta] low carb, doing detox and I went to sleep pissed off with the end of ‘La Casa de Papel’ after making a diffusion of relaxing essential oils… the bill doesn’t add up, sister”, shared. Now, we also want to go out with this group, how do you do it?! Hahahaha