Argentines without quarantine may pay a fine and have to leave the country – 09/04/2021

With Thiago Braga, collaboration for UOL, in São Paulo

The four Argentine players who came to Brazil to face the Brazilian team this Sunday (5), in a match valid for the World Cup qualifiers, but who did not have a 14-day quarantine before entering the country, may have even more problems, ranging from a simple fine of R$2,000, a quarantine, hospitalization if they are contaminated by covid-19, and even a possible transfer to the airport for them to leave the country.

UOL found that employees of the São Paulo State Department of Health are going to the hotel where the Argentine national team is staying this Saturday (4) to determine whether Argentines Emiliano Martínez and Buendía (Aston Villa) and Cristian Romero and Lo Celso (Tottenham) , violated Brazilian sanitary rules. According to Federal Ordinance n.655 of June 23, 2021, they had to comply with quarantine when arriving in Brazil for having passed through England in the last 14 days, considered a restricted area.

According to Anvisa, Lo Celso, Romero, Martínez and Buendía did not inform the health authorities that they were in England last weekend. Romero and Lo Celso did not leave the bench in Tottenham’s game against Watford. But Martínez and Buendía were key players in Aston Villa’s draw against Brentford. Buendía even scored Villa’s goal.

The CBF says it warned Conmebol about the need for quarantine for Argentine players. Conmebol says that the countries agreed with the sanitary protocols for the games and that this is an issue that has to be resolved by the Brazilian Government.

The report found that the Argentine Football Association (AFA) is not afraid to be without the four athletes who play in England for tomorrow’s match. For the organization, it has fully adapted to Conmebol’s requests for football players to enter different countries under the strict sanitary bubble.

“After notification from the federal agency, the State Department of Health initiated an epidemiological and sanitary investigation and will report all the information for Anvisa to deliberate on the need to quarantine athletes,” said the State Department of Health of São Paulo.