automaker suspends production line activities

Yamaha motorcycles have temporarily halted production
Yamaha Production Line. Photo: publicity / Yamaha Group

The group Yamaha do Brasil, in a press release, announced that will suspend the activities of some of its lines of motorcycle and engine production. THE standstill will occur from September 9th to 24th. Know more!

yamaha announces production stoppage
Yamaha factory entrance. Photo: Uol

Automaker announces stoppage of activities of lines of Yamaha Motorcycles and engines

On the other hand, until the closing of this article, it is sought by the Garage 360, the automaker did not inform in detail which lines of Yamaha motorcycles will be suspended from production. Below, you can check the official statement:

“Considering the adverse situation in the international logistical scenario, caused by the effects of the pandemic caused by the delta variant of Coronavirus in Asia, and aiming to adjust the flow of input receipts, the Yamaha Group will suspend activities in some of its motorcycle and engine production lines stern, from September 9th to 24th”, says the statement.

“On the affected lines, employees will be on collective vacation. Part of the production, as well as the other operational activities of the companies of the Yamaha Group in Brazil, will remain in regular activity during this period”, finalizes the official note.

Yamaha motorcycles will have production at a standstill for more than 15 days
Photo: Yamaha Group of Brazil

Shutdowns throughout the year

It is noteworthy that the stoppage announced by Yamaha it is not the first to take place this year. For example, last May, the production line of the brand’s motorcycles was stopped between the 3rd and the 12th. At the time, as reported by the newspaper A Crítica, the unit’s workers went on collective vacations.

In addition, in January 2021, the Honda Motorcycle also announced the temporary shutdown of its manufacturing unit in Manaus (AM).

Yamaha YBR 150 is one of the most sold motorcycles in Brazil.
Yamaha YBR 150 is one of the most sold motorcycles in Brazil. (Photo: Publicity / Yamaha)

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Yamaha is the second best-selling motorcycle brand in Brazil

In the general scenario, the Yamaha has been following, for years, just behind the Honda motorcycles. For example, in early August 2021, the two automakers dominated domestic sales. On this occasion, the Yamaha Group had 114,589 units emplacadas – what represented detaining 18.19% of the motorcycle market in Brazil.

Thus, as disclosed by the Garage 360 and based on the Auto Segredos website, the best-selling motorcycles in the first days of August were:

  1. Honda CG 160 (13,917 units)
  2. Honda Biz (6,763 units)
  3. Honda NXR 160 (5,117 units)
  4. Honda Pop 110i (4,629 units)
  5. Honda CB 250F Twister (1,777 units)
  6. Honda XRE 300 (1,391 units)
  7. Yamaha YBR 150 (1.3780 units)
  8. Honda PCX 150 (1,111 units)
  9. Yamaha Make 250 (1,085 units)
  10. Honda Elite 125 (1,047 units)
  11. Yamaha XTZ 150 (1,039 units)
  12. Honda XRE 190 (818 units)
  13. Yamaha XTZ 250 (808 units)
  14. Yamaha NMAX (641 units)
  15. Yamaha YS 150 Make (640 units)
  16. Yamaha Neo 125 (554 units)
  17. Yamaha YBR 125 (513 units)
  18. Yamaha MT03 (459 units)
  19. Honda ADV 150 (455 units)
  20. Shineray XY 50 (409 units)
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