Before closing with DeAndre Jordan, Lakers had his eye on an old acquaintance


The Lakers were considering bringing back another pivot who could consistently lob and block shots.

By Marc Stein, NBA Insider,

League sources say the Lakers were keen early in the offseason in trying to re-acquire Damian Jones, but Sacramento chose to keep the player and secure his contract for next season, although the Kings already have Richaun Holmes, Tristan Thompson, Alex Len and (yes, still) Marvin Bagley III.

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Last season, Jones played on multiple 10-day contracts with the Suns, Lakers and Sacramento Kings. He ended the year with the Sacramento team, which recently decided to secure his contract for next season.

When the Lakers ran out of some of their pivots in late February and March, Jones played in eight games for the team averaging 14 minutes.

While that wasn’t enough time, the only stat that Jones stood out was how he converted 16 of his 17 shots while playing with the Lakers. Much of his role was to finish playing close to the hoop.

Once the Kings decided to secure their contract, it was announced that the Lakers were signing DeAndre Jordan on Friday. With the increasing likelihood that Marc Gasol would not return with the team, the Lakers needed more security in position.

Even if the Lakers failed to catch Jones, it’s worth looking at the pivot profile the board was looking for. After a big change with Gasol – which opened up space on the court and allowed LeBron and Schroder to penetrate the lane – it seems that the team is returning to traditional pivots to team up with James.