Bolsonaro’s ex-wife acquitted of forging car theft to receive insurance

Ana Cristina Valle, ex-wife of Jair Bolsonaro, was acquitted by the Rio de Janeiro Court for allegedly having forged the theft of a car to receive insurance in 2008. The trials took place in 2009 and 2010. The police and the judge of the first instance highlighted the “strangeness” of the case, but the magistrate considered that the evidence was not conclusive enough to convict Ana Cristina.

This Friday (3/9), the former employee of the Bolsonaro family Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos said, in an interview with the column, that Ana Cristina Valle faked the theft of a car, in February 2008, to receive the value of R$135,135 referring to vehicle insurance.

According to Marcelo, the coup was carried out by her and by a militia from Rio das Pedras, a favela in the west of Rio de Janeiro, controlled by the militia. The alleged militiaman, also called Marcelo, would have been the boyfriend of Ana Cristina, with whom she became involved after separating from Bolsonaro.

The employee who worked 14 years for the Bolsonaros also said that the car had been hidden in the alleged militia’s workshop, in the Penha neighborhood, in the northern part of the capital. At the back of the workshop, according to the ex-employee, there was a car dismantling.

In 2008, Ana Cristina Valle was sued by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro for the crimes of embezzlement and false reporting of a crime or misdemeanor. The president’s ex-wife was accused of hiding her Land Rover car, in order to receive the insurance amount, which would be paid by the Porto Seguro insurance company.

One of the witnesses for the prosecution was a police officer who suspected Ana Cristina’s version. While Ana Cristina claimed that she would have stayed, on the day of the alleged robbery, in the neighborhoods of Barra da Tijuca and Recreio, in Rio de Janeiro, the insurance company provided conflicting information: the vehicle’s tracking indicated that the car had traveled through the city’s suburbs.

Another police officer said he was suspicious of Ana Cristina’s account of the timing of the approach. According to the version of the president’s ex-wife, she was approached by a man wearing a helmet, and did not say where she got out of the car.

Two witnesses appointed by the defense stated that Ana Cristina wept when talking about the robbery that day.

“It appears from the police officers’ narrative that the complaint was filed insofar as the dynamics of the offense reported by the defendant were strange, as well as conflicting with the tracker sent by the insurer. The same strangeness caused to the police is verified by this magistrate”, wrote Judge Claudia Pomarico, of the 16th Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, in November 2009. However, the magistrate continued, “evidence free of doubts and not just assumptions would be needed. or distrust” to condemn the woman.

One of the points cited by the judge about the weakness of the evidence was the report of the employee of the insurance company, who presented the car tracker. This official stated that he was not technically qualified to provide clarifications to the Court.

“It is not intended to assert that the defendant was actually robbed, only that there is no evidence that she was not, which entails her acquittal for lack of evidence,” added the judge, emphasizing that the evidence produced by the defense did not lead to the conclusion of that the robbery existed.

As she found doubts about the mentioned crime, the judge acquitted Ana Cristina Valle. The following year, 2010, the MP from Rio de Janeiro filed an appeal to the second instance. Judge Sidney Rosa’s conclusion was in the same sense as the judge: “Everything that can be found in the records is mere suspicion.”

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