Boyfriend of Jojo Todynho admits to having cheated on his ex-girlfriend to assume a romance with the singer: “Me forgive”

Manicurist Izabelle Branquinho only discovered that she had been betrayed when the funkeira revealed the identity of Marcio Felipe, her new partner

This Saturday (4), Jojo Todynho found himself in the middle of a controversy after taking on his relationship with Marcio Felipe: he was already in a relationship and cheated on his ex-girlfriend to be with the singer.

Izabelle White discovered the ‘fence jump’ through social networks, when the funkeira revealed the identity of her new partner, last Friday (3).

About a month and a half ago I started a relationship with a person, and today I woke up to the news (on gossip sites) that he was also dating a famous person and since then my cell phone doesn’t stop“, she shot in her profile, accompanied by images in which she appears next to the boy.

The manicurist also shared his conversation with the boy, in which he admitted the adultery on audio. “Dude, I beg your pardon. It has nothing to do with fame, this stuff. I ended up with her yes, I’m sorry. I don’t even know what to say. I’m wrong, I need to fix my mistake, but I’m not dating anyone, no. I’m ashamed, today I was thinking all morning, anyway. Just forgive me. forgive me really“, he said.

Later, Izabelle spoke again and made it clear that the exhibition was not meant to generate attacks on the champion of The Farm 13: “I want to make it clear that the focus here is him, not her. Jojo is a fuck* woman and he will be like that with anyone“.

So far, Jojo Todynho has not commented on the controversy on her social networks.


Singer Jojo Todynho is living a new love. She told the news in an interview and said that she met the handsome man by chance.

“I was going to have my eyelashes done and he was leaving the same building. It made me dizzy at the time. He looked like a closet, all dressed in Flamengo. It was an exchange of looks and then I was hoping he would send me a direct on Instagram. He sent it and said: ‘Will you just watch?’. I replied, I went traveling and when I came back we met. It was great, it was wonderful.”, she told the PodPah podcast.

In the interview, she did not reveal the boy’s identity. Who solved the mystery was the Rio newspaper ‘Extra’: according to the publication, the lucky one is businessman Márcio Felipe.