Brazilians face difficulty in issuing Ministry of Health certificate that proves complete vaccination | National Newspaper

Brazilians are facing difficulties in issuing the certificate that proves that they have completed the vaccination in the Ministry of Health application.

The vaccine that brings relief can be from any laboratory. For the souvenir photo, each one has its style, but when it comes to getting a digital certificate to prove you’re immune, there’s only one way: Connect SUS. Which can be accessed by computer, on the program’s website, or by cell phone, by downloading the application.

In both cases, it is necessary to register. Then just click on the vaccine icon and the doses you took will appear. Information is available within ten days after vaccination. One more touch and you can see in detail your data, the batch of vaccine applied and where you were vaccinated.

Anyone who has taken a single dose or has completed both doses can issue the national vaccination certificate, which is digital proof that you are immunized. There is also a QR Code that confirms the authenticity of the document. The certificate can also be issued in English and Spanish. AND this document is already accepted in some countries to allow the entry of Brazilians and it is becoming a requirement also in some states and municipalities in large events.

The problem is that many Brazilians complain of difficulties in having their vaccination data registered in the Connect SUS. And in many of these cases, they are failing to issue the certificate through the Ministry of Health application.

This is the case of marketing analyst Carolline Pimenta. The second dose, which she took on August 18, has not yet been registered. And with the two doses, she could already have the certificate. “I would like to have the certificate, because it is my right. I took both doses. It’s important”, he says.

Systems analyst Otávio Roma took the first dose on June 23 in São Gonçalo, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio, but so far: “See? I don’t have the vaccine record. We expected to have this registered there, after all, it is our proof”.

Airway worker Nathan Mouro is a volunteer for Pfizer’s vaccine in São Paulo and is already fully immunized, but he also doesn’t see any record in the app: “My first dose was 30 of last year’s 9 in 2020, and the second dose 21 of 10. And it’s been almost a year that we don’t have any records”.

Carla Domingues, former coordinator of the National Immunization Program, says that, in full operation, the Connect SUS will be an important tool for the control of various vaccination campaigns.

“When you have this nominal record and you identify where the person was vaccinated, you adjust the vaccination coverage and can effectively assess what the coverage of that city is, and not general data”, he points out.

Even after the complaints, the Ministry of Health claims that the application is working normally. And for the data to enter the system, the vaccination posts in states and municipalities must register in the federal network that feeds the Connect SUS. Those who do not have the registration, the ministry guides them to look for the place of vaccination. But the app also offers support for those who are in trouble.

But a lot of people complain that the only answer has been this: “Thank you, we appreciate your contact”.