Caio gets emotional with support in the fight against cancer: ‘It makes me stronger’

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The former player and commentator gives TV Globo, Caio Ribeiro, if moved and had to ‘hold the tears‘ when talking about the posts in support which he received after revealing that he is performing cancer treatment. In a conversation with the presenter Felipe Andreoli, from the program Globo Esporte de So Paulo, this Saturday, the former athlete told how friends and strangers sent good energy to the ‘final stretch’ of the battle against the disease.

For him, the wave of affection received gives even more strength to withstand the difficulty of the treatment. “I knew there was a wave of affection, that people would be sensitized, that they would receive messages of support. But I swear, with an open heart, in the most transparent way, as I always tried to be, moves me, because there were many messages”, commented Caio.

“There are more than 600,000 views. Calls, text messages, from friends I knew would be on my side and from people I don’t know, who I’ve never seen in my life and make a point of giving a word of encouragement. makes me even stronger. It’s going to do me good, in this final stretch of treatment, for my family too, to support this little ending. a strong treatment, a chemistry inside your body, you have to learn to deal with the discomfort, with the pain. But it is part, a process, and it has a cure, it has an end,” he added.

Caio also explained how he is feeling at this final stage of treatment and said he hopes to return to work at the station this month. “I’m doing very well, really. I’m in the final phase of treatment, chemotherapy. This week, I’m already doing the penultimate chemo session. I only need one more. The treatment is week in, week out, for the body to absorb the medication, recover. Until the 20th September, God willing, I will be back by your side, in the studio, and stronger than ever,” he projected.

The former player also sent a message to the program’s staff and said he ‘tried to hide as much as possible’ the fight against the disease because he ‘didn’t want to worry’ people. “Give the whole team a kiss. I tried to hide as much as possible, I didn’t want to worry no one. I wanted to send a message of optimism, as soon as I knew the certainty that it is ending and ending. Wait for meYeah, I’m already back, friends, and with a smile on my face. With a little less hair, but ready for us to live a lot together,” he concluded.