Caio Ribeiro is thrilled to receive affection after revealing cancer treatment

Credit: Reproduction

Caio Ribeiro (Credit: Reproduction)

Caio Ribeiro could not hold back his emotion when he returned to speak at Globo Esporte in São Paulo, this Saturday (4), about his cancer. The commentator for Grupo Globo was moved when he spoke of the messages he received from friends and the public.

When talking to the show’s host, Felipe Andreoli, Caio cried and quoted the messages of support he received when he revealed the fight against the disease last Friday (3).

“I knew that a wave of affection was coming, that people would be sensitized, that they would receive messages of support. But I swear, with an open heart: it moves me, because there were so many messages. There are more than 600 thousand views. Calls, text messages, from friends I knew would be on my side and people I don’t know, who I’ve never seen in my life and make a point of giving a word of encouragement. Dude, it makes me even stronger. It’s going to do good for me, for my family, to support this little end. It’s a strong treatment, it’s a chemical inside your body, you need to learn to deal with discomfort, with pain. But it is part, it is a process, and it has a cure, it has an end”, reported Caio.

In an account on his Instagram, the former player said that he is being treated for a cancer caused by a lump in the neck.

“I’m really fine. I’m already in the final stage of treatment, chemotherapy. This week, I’m already doing the penultimate chemo session. There’s only one more to go. The treatment is every other week, for the body to absorb the medication, to recover. Until September 20, God willing, I’ll be back in the studio, stronger than ever,” he said.

“Wait now, I’m back, friends. And with a smile on his face. With a little less hair, but ready for us to live a lot together”, he added.

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