Caldeirão do Mion’s premiere surpasses the audience of Luciano Huck – DCI

Marcos Mion’s debut on Globo made Caldeirão’s audience rise this Saturday, September 4th. The program was the leader in all markets and recorded audience growth in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The information is from O Globo.

Mion’s Cauldron and the Audience

According to O Globo, São Paulo scored 16 points on average – 1.8 points more than under Luciano Huck’s command. In Rio de Janeiro and in the National Television Panel (PNT), the audience scored 16 and 14 of average respectively, both with an increase of 0.4 point. On social networks, Caldeirão do Mion was among the most talked about subjects; there were more than 27 thousand tweets.

How was the debut of Cauldron with Mion?

Mion’s debut on Globo gave a new face to Caldeirão do Huck: motivational stories come out and the presenter’s irreverence enters.

The “Mommy, I’m at Globo”, one of the attraction’s new paintings, proves that. Viewers will send videos and the most creative will be shown. The “Has it or not” already existed, but it was reformulated for the hands of the ex-Record. There is also the painting “Sobe o Som” with the band Lucio Mauro e Filhos, led by Lucio Mauro Filho.

The icing on the cake was the frame in the mold of “The Worst Clips in the World”, made by Mion on MTV. At Globo, the presenter used the network’s collection and made fun of Tony Ramos, Gil do Vigor and even Ana Maria Braga.

The success of the debut confirmed by the public’s requests for the program not to end, as the channel’s plan is to take Mion to Multishow in December.

“If you don’t know, this Caldeirão with him will only happen until December and then he’ll go to Multishow with another program. We will not accept! Saturday belongs to Mion from now on”, joked a follower. “Marcos Mion’s excitement is beautiful to see. This isn’t about wonder, it’s about accomplishment. Hoping for this program to work so well but so right for Globo not to have the courage to take it off the grid at the end of the year”, wrote another fan.