Camila Queiroz and Grazi Massafera shine in erotic scenes of Secret Truths

the rerun of secret truths barely started, but the sequences hot of Walcyr Carrasco’s story are already being talked about on TV Globo nights. This Friday (4), the internet stopped to check – and enjoy – another erotic scene between Angel (Camila Queiroz) and Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi).

More than the sensuality itself, what really caught the attention of internet users was the conceptual way in which director Mauro Mendonça Filho conducted the sequence.

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Angel and Alex look like a highly regarded work of art at MASP“, melted a viewer of the plot, through publication on Twitter. “Angel delivered everything with this Alex play of lights“, marveled another.

Who also starred in hot scenes in today’s chapter was Grazi Massafera. The muse really sensualized in the passage in which her character, the call girl Larissa, renders her ‘services’ to a client managed by Visky (Rainer Cadete).

Grazi Massafera riding aggressively, with a right up to the slap in the face. God forbid, but I wish“, a certain user ‘drooled’ microblog. “Out of nowhere Larissa sitting on a male, my God! I’m glad I’m not watching in the living room“, ‘relieved’ another.

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