Casagrande suffers attacks after Caio Ribeiro reveals cancer: ‘We think different, but we respect each other’

one day after Caio Ribeiro reveal that you are being treated for cancer, Walter Casagrande published a text in the ‘ge’ dedicated to the colleague of Globo Group. In 2020, the two were central characters in a live discussion on “Well, Friends”. In addition to wishing the commentator a prompt recovery, Casão said in a sequence of videos that he was suffering attacks on social networks after Caio Announce Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
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After Caio Ribeiro criticized a speech by ex-player Raí about politics, Casagrande disagreed with the commentator. In the “right of reply” given on SporTV’s “Bem, Amigos!”, Caio not only tried to explain himself, but also argued with Casão during the weekly attraction led by Galvão Bueno and Cleber Machado.

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In the text published this Saturday, Casagrande mentions the dispute.

– When we diverged on the show “Well, friends” about it [todos poderem opinar sobre política], I thought it was normal, but a while later I started to think it was an exaggeration of everyone in that case. And I confess that our relationship was shaken, because we always worked in harmony, but that day was bad for everyone – began Casagrande.

– But time passed, and the work continued. To make it clear, I like how Caio comments and thinks about football. I have my way of commenting and my way of thinking about football, but at that point we never had a problem. I was shocked when I heard about the problem Caio is facing (his fight against cancer), but I was calm by his words. He shows to be strong, secure and confident, and that’s what matters when we have big problems ahead – he added.

Casagrande also used the space to send a message directly to Caio Ribeiro.

– Finally, I will speak directly to you, Caio: we are different, but we are cool; We think differently, but we respect each other, and I like working with you and I think you’re a fun guy – concluded.

On Instagram, the commentator returned to commenting on the topic. However, he claimed to be suffering a series of ”cowardly attacks” since Caio Ribeiro’s revelation.

– I’m here to clarify a situation: I’m not hostage to social networks. Where I am, who I’m with, who I talk to, what I eat, only matters to me. I’m saying this because, when I learned yesterday that Caio was sick, I talked directly to him. And what I talked to Caio only matters to me and to him. I don’t have the slightest need to publish it for everyone to know. I’m not hostage to you – he vented

– And these people who attack cowardly through social networks, without even knowing what is happening, there is a saying that is very important: ‘He who has nothing to say, stay silent.’ So, be silent, or else you will be better informed before attacking people cowardly – concluded.