CBLOL 2021 Final: Croc and Yuri apologize after defeat | lol

Rensga was defeated in the CBLOL 2021 grand final, falling to RED Canids by 3-1. After the match, the team’s players manifested themselves on social media, highlighting South Koreans Jong-hoon “Croc” and Hee-min “Yuri”, who apologized to the fans and their fellow cast members:

– I am really sorry. As others say, I didn’t deserve to win. I am really sorry. Be nice to Koreans who come next year,” Yuri said.

“My partners deserved more; my fault. GGWP RED Canids and good luck at Worlds,” posted Croc.

Croc, from Rensga, after defeat in the 2nd Split final of CBLOL 2021 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Yan “Damage” was even more succinct:

“We tried, family. Unfortunately, it didn’t work – the Support vent. Afterwards, he congratulated RED Canids for the achievement.

Matheus “Trigo” was a little more optimistic than his colleagues, celebrating Rensga’s evolution between the two splits — the team had been in the flashlight in the first stage of CBLOL 2021 — and stating that he managed to prove himself as a good marksman:

— Regardless of the result we had in this final, it was something very important for me, I feel that I managed to prove to myself that I can go far and show that I’m a good marksman.

Trigo, by Rensga, in the final of CBLOL 2021 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Losing this final was horrible, the feeling is extremely unpleasant, but that’s part of the competition. This only serves to motivate me even more to come back better next year – said the player from Rensga in a post on TwitLonger.