CBLOL 2021: In a farewell tone, Yuri and Croc apologize after Rensga’s defeat

After the defeat for the RED Kalunga at the end of CBLOL 2021, Yuri and Croc, the South Koreans of Surrender, apologized and asked the crowd to be “nice to the Koreans who come next year”. The message comes in a farewell tone, as their contract expires in December 2021.

“I am really sorry. As others say, I didn’t deserve to win. I am really sorry. Be nice to the Koreans who come next year,” published mid laner Yuri. Hunter Croc, on the other hand, took the blame for the defeat and published “My partners deserved more; my fault. GGWP RED Canids and good luck at Worlds“.

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Rensga was the big surprise of the second 2021 split, as it came from a terrible first split, in which it was in last place. After taking the LOUD and paiN Gaming in the semifinals, the cowboys arrived with high anticipation for the decision, but were totally dominated by the pack.

Photo of South Copre's Yuri and Croc in the final of CBLOL 2021 by Rensga
Yuri and Croc after being defeated in the final of CBLOL 2021. (Photo: Divulgation/Bruno Alvares/LoL Esports BR)

Repercussion of the defeat among other Rensga players

Kiari, much criticized by the fans for his performance in the final, pointed out that Rensga had mistakes as a team that compromised them.

We had chances to win the series, but we had some mistakes as a team that compromised. Congratulations to the Red team, they were superior today. I apologize to the relegation fans who placed all their trust in me in these 2 splits and especially in this final. This year I encountered difficulties that made me evolve a lot as an athlete. Despite how it all happened, I know my potential and where I can go. I’ll come back better in the next splits.

Damage, the team support, congratulated RED on the victory and wrote “we tried family, unfortunately it didn’t work”.

The shooter Wheat was more complete in its words and reflected the year 2021. Read the full text:

Good guys, I’ll try to summarize a little how these two cblol splits were for me:

I started 2021 reaching my 1st year playing CBLOL, I couldn’t ask for something better after so long looking for an opportunity, it wasn’t how I would have liked, we finished in last place, but I believe this only made me want to continue and show myself that I was more than that.

Second split regardless of the result we had in this final was a VERY important thing for me, I feel that I managed to prove to myself that I can go far and show that I’m a good shooter.

Losing this final was horrible, the feeling is extremely unpleasant, but this is part of the competition, it only serves to motivate me even more to come back better next year.

It was a very important year for me, I made it to the FINAL in my 2 split of CBLOL and I just have to thank all my teammates and staff for believing in myself with a very weak first split and below expectations by everyone. , I’ll come back next year and I’ll come back much stronger. #GORENSGA

Rensga itself also published a video after the defeat: