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Daniel “Grevthar” made all the difference for RED Canids towards the CBLOL 2021 title. Entering only the quarter-finals, replacing Adriano “Avenger”, who had started in the Middle all year, the rookie from Academy was essential for the trophy. The kid from Recife showed a lot of variety in the Playoffs, beating big names and acting almost like a “Captain” of the Pack in the final stretch of the competition.

Grevthar, from RED Canids, in the final of CBLOL 2021 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

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Indeed, Grevthar joined the first team because of his communicative style. Meio takes responsibility for several calls and, in addition to playing very well, organizes several of RED Canids’ plays in the matches.

“I was given an opportunity and I feel I embraced it with all my strength. I am grateful to all my teammates and the owners of the organization for having trusted me, and I know that I lived up to expectations – said the Middle right after the final, in a press conference.

Grevthar talks about fitting into the RED Canids team

Grevthar talks about fitting into the RED Canids team

Grevthar believes his style fits so well with RED precisely because he is an adaptable player. In addition to fulfilling very different roles in each game, the Middle also took on a disciplinary role in the squad, helping to organize ideas and communication during the games:

— I think this comes a lot from my profile, I like to fit in with everything the team needs. I saw that they needed that kind of profile and I tried to fit in. I felt that my qualities of calming, being on the side, saying that today is our day; I know I have that kind of quality so it was no surprise to me,” added Grev.

Grev is from Pernambuco and decided to be a LoL player when he saw the final in which RED Canids was champion, back in 2017. At the time, he was no longer interested in an engineering degree and felt that his greatest desire was to compete as he is. the players of that time. The beginning of his career was still in Recife, playing small championships with NEO Llamas & Friends and Curupira e-Sports.

In 2018, after standing out a lot in the ranked queues, he was hired by paiN Gaming to be a reserve for Thiago “tinowns”; later, the Medium moved to the Academy cast. Grevthar stayed with the traditionals until mid-2019, unable to qualify for the Challenger Circuit.

Long Trajectory at RED Canids

After paiN, Grevthar moved to RED Canids, where he alternated a few times between first-team reserve and Academy starter. Along with Gabriel “Aegis”, with whom he developed a great friendship, he managed to classify RED Academy for the Challenging Circuit, but as the main team did not promote to CBLOL, the base of the Pack did not compete in the Circuit.

Grevthar’s announcement at RED Academy, in 2019 — Photo: Disclosure

After qualifying, Grevthar returned to the first-team reserve — at the time, RED’s middle starter was South Korean Kim “Sky”.

In 2021, with the implementation of CBLOL Academy and the franchising format, Grevthar assumed absolute ownership of the team and reached the semifinals of the first split, falling to FURIA by 3×2. In the second round, RED qualified once again for the Playoffs, but Grev would have an even bigger mission ahead of him.

Main cast entry

Grevthar finally landed a spot on the RED Canids first team, replacing Avenger at the start of the CBLOL 2021 Playoffs. The switch took many by surprise, as Avenger had been playing well and started all year, but it turned out to be a great bet: Grev made his debut against Flamengo, playing very well in a beautiful 3-0.

Against Vorax, another good performance in the 3-1 victory. Highlight for the unusual pick of Kled, who despite not having shone so much, was essential to turn the third game of the series and forward the spot in the grand final.

Arriving on the biggest stage of Brazilian LoL, the 2nd split final, Grev came face to face with Hee-min “Yuri”, who reached the decision with a lot of morale after an incredible performance in the semifinals. The rookie was not frightened, securing the MVP of the first two games in the series and preventing Yuri from having any impact on the games.

RED Canids’ Grevthar celebrates at CBLOL 2021 final — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

RED gave a respite to Rensga, but turned the fourth game to ensure the victory and the title of CBLOL 2021, closing with a flourish Grevthar’s first participation in the biggest LoL championship in Brazil.