CBLOL 2021: RED wins Rensga, secures title and World Cup seat

THE RED Kalunga ran over the Surrender at the end of CBLOL 2021 and secured the title of the second split in the competition. The result also ranks the pack for the Worlds 2021, the League of Legends world.

Red Kalunga vs Rensga at CBLOL 2021

In the first game RED didn’t let Rensga even click! Little did the pack get several kills and it got to the point where Grevthar got 10/0 with his Akali in the 16th minute. RED ended the game in the 27th minute with a 26-7 kill difference and opened the CBLOL 2021 final with victory!

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The second game looked like a replay of the first. Again RED started with everything and got an advantage early. Rensga tried to respond, but Grevthar was sharp with his Ryze and again took the MVP of the game, finished in the 27th minute. This time we also highlight the performance of Titan (8/2 of Varus) and Aegis (9/1 of Xin Zhao).

The series was headed for 3-0, but Rensga reacted well in the third game, and with aggressive picks in the hands of the South Koreans Croc (Lee Sin) and Yuri (Jayce), managed to win the match in the 23rd minute in a dominant way. !

Match four started well for Rensga, who focused on the upper side of the map and provided resources for Yuri and Croc. Even with a not very good early game, RED made good rotations and soon recovered in the game, winning fights and guaranteeing goals. The team stayed with the two Barons and ended the series on 28 minutes!

Photo of RED Kalunga players, CBLOL 2021 champion team
RED is the CBLOL 2021 second split champion! (Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)