Chevrolet announces another new feature, the debut of the Cruze RS

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Chevrolet Cruze RS

North American Chevrolet Cruze RS (Photo: Disclosure)

Chevrolet had already announced that it was preparing four releases for the 2nd half of this year. The first one was the new Bolt, the brand’s 100% electric car that has already started its pre-sale. Then comes the new Equinox, with a new engine, the unprecedented Z71 version of the S10 pickup, to compete with the Ford Ranger Storm and the Cruze RS.

As with the Onix RS, changes to the RS set are always visual, never on the engine, as we’ve talked about before. Chevrolet uses acronyms to explain its versions, and for sports cars it always uses the acronym SS.

Therefore, the launch of the Cruze RS will reflect visual changes in the new Cruze, which should bring the same changes that were introduced in the model sold in 2019 in the United States, with 18-inch wheels with exclusive design, black badges, RS logo on the grille, rear wing and larger exhaust.

Cruze RS will be restricted to the visual, which should employ the solutions presented in 2019 in the US model (model of the photos that illustrate this text). Among them are 18-inch wheels with exclusive design, RS logo on the grille, badges in black, rear deflector (airfoil) and enlarged exhaust outlet.

Chevrolet Cruze RS

North American Chevrolet Cruze RS (Photo: Disclosure)

“In Brazil, the RS line debuted with the Onix and will soon be available for the Cruze Sport6. But let’s not stop there, as there is a consumer desire for this concept to be extended to other turbo models in the Chevrolet portfolio”, explains Hermann Mahnke, Executive Director of Marketing GM South America.

Regarding the power train, there will be no change, as it was with the Onix RS. The engine remains the 1.4 turbo with up to 153 hp, 24.5 kgfm of torque and with a six-speed automatic transmission. If market positioning is really used for Onix, Cruze RS should be an intermediate option between LTZ and Premier, top of the line. Thus, one imagines an amount above R$130,000 and below R$141 thousand.

The arrival of the new Cruze RS is expected by the end of 2021.

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