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This week, the finalist images of the 2021 edition of the Comedy Wildlife Photo contest, which awards the funniest wildlife photos, were released. The award has been in existence since 2015 and professionals can participate for free.

Comedy Wildlife Photo 2021 has 42 images competing for the title of champion. There’s a laughing seal, a giraffe riding a monkey, a smiling snake, and lots of impressive dance moves.

The public can participate in the choice through open voting on the internet. The deadline is October 12th, with the champion image being announced on October 22nd.

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In addition to celebrating nature’s hilarity, the contest also highlights the need to protect the environment. We’ve separated some images for you to get a taste of this incredible selection of finalists.

Photo: “Let’s dance”
Author: Andy Parkinson

Photograph It could also be “dancing in the rain”!

Photo: “Snake laughing”
Author: Aditya Kshirsagar

Photograph What moment!

Photo: “Monday Morning Mood”
Author: Andrew Mayes

Comedy Wildlife Photo 2021 Contest PhotoRepresents a lot of people, right?

Photo: “Mr. Giggles”
Author: Martina Novotna

Comedy Wildlife Photo 2021 Contest PhotoThose who didn’t laugh with that little seal need to review their concepts.

Photo: “The Green Stylist”
Author: Gurumurthy Gurumurthy

Comedy Wildlife Photo 2021 Contest PhotoNot marred. Mar-ren-to!

Photo: “Chinese Whispers”
Author: Jan Piecha

Comedy Wildlife Photo 2021 Contest PhotoThe name of this is gossip.

Photo: “We are too sexy for this beach”
Author: Joshua Galicki

Comedy Wildlife Photo 2021 Contest PhotoSuper synchronized.

All finalist photos can be seen on official website of the contest, where you can also vote for your favourite.

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