Cruzeiro games at Arena do Jacar bring concern to Sete Lagoas

(Photo: Edesio Ferreira/EM/DA Press)

After almost a year and six months with restrictions imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19, the interior in Mines he returns to live the expectation of having the audience in the stadiums in an official game. Faced with the ban on fans in matches in Belo Horizonte, the city of Seven lagoons, in the Central Region of the state, to be the home of the cruise in the next two games as home team, by series B of the Brazilian Championship: in front of the black Bridge, at the saturday, at 11 am, and against Operrio, on the 16th, at 7 pm, both transferred to the Jacar’s Arena. Despite greater control over the disease indices in the municipality of 240,000 inhabitants, the release for the presence of fans divides the seven-Lagoans.

The city understands that the protocol It is effective and there is no risk of a new explosion of cases and hospitalizations. The city recently returned to the green wave of the Minas Consciente program – a State initiative that establishes measures for the gradual resumption of activities – and adopted a series of actions that it believes are sufficient for the security, in and out of the studio.
O fear among the residents that the match causes agglomeration in the city’s bars and in the stadium itself, among other breaches of COVID-19 prevention regulations – as occurred in the capital, in the duel between Atltico and River Plate, for Copa Libertadores, and between Cruzeiro and Confiana, for Serie B, both in Mineiro , last month.

It was precisely because of non-compliance with protocols that Mayor Alexandre Kalil (PSD) once again vetoed the presence of fans in Belo Horizonte’s stadiums.

Most residents and workers of Sete Lagoas think premature The return of football with audience. Cruzeirense, the telemarketing operator Rhayane Gabriele Matias, 23, does not consider the possibility of going to Arena do Jacar: “The city is not prepared. I think the Health Department is putting the population at risk by releasing the public. I will see many fans. from other cities, which increases the danger of transmitting the virus. And we still have many cases in the city. The disease still causes us a lot of fear.”

Civil engineer Marcos Antnio da Silva, 47, who lives in Pedro Leopoldo, has the same thinking, but goes to Sete Lagoas every day for work reasons: “Football wants to come back at all costs. the virus. The sport is not that important compared to schools, which have not yet had a full return. The variants are dangerous and, as long as there are no further studies and definitions about their potential for contamination, everything should be more cautious.”

Epilator Juliene Campos, 42, fears a mass infection: “At the moment for crowds. In a studio, people are very careless, they never respect the rules. They crowd and transmit the virus.”

Now the motoboy Felipe Santos, a fan of Raposa, has different opinion. He agrees with the audience’s return, but emphasizes the need to obey the rules: “If people go to the stadium with a mask, there would be no problem. And there has to be more supervision so that the fans don’t crowd.”

Felipe is still not sure, however, that he is going to the game. But not for fear of COVID-19: “I’ve been to many games at Arena do Jacar, but today tickets are much more expensive. I haven’t decided if I’ll go yet. It will depend on how much money I have.”

THE ticket sale The game against Ponte Preta, for the general public, starts on Wednesday and runs until Friday, for R$60, with half-price or joint ticket at R$30, through the donation of 1kg of non-food. perishable. For partner-fans, the value varies between R$30 and R$60, depending on the member’s category. Fans must carry a printed ticket or a digital version. For the match against Ponte, according to the club, the membership card will be valid as a ticket.