Cuiabá defeats Santos in the end and increases the pressure on Fernando Diniz – 04/09/2021

Cuiabá defeated Santos 2-1, today (4), at Arena Pantanal, for the last round of the first round of the Brazilian Championship. With a goal at the beginning and another at the end of the match, the team from Mato Grosso maintained its good phase in the competition and increased the pressure on São Paulo and, especially, on coach Fernando Diniz. Jonathan Cafu and Elton scored for the owners of the house, while Gabriel Pirani cashed.

This was Santos’ fifth straight game without a victory in the Brasileirão, and the second consecutive defeat. Before losing to Cuiabá, Fernando Diniz’s team had been thrashed by Flamengo 4-0 in Vila Belmiro. The poor streak of results should increase the pressure for the coach’s resignation in the coming days.

Cuiabá, in turn, remains in good shape. Before passing through Santos, the team led by Jorginho had beaten Palmeiras at Allianz Parque and tied with Fortaleza at Castelão. With that, Dourado rose six positions in the table and will sleep in ninth place, with 24 points. The team’s next game will be against Juventude, in Caxias do Sul, next Saturday (11).

Santos, in turn, remains close to the relegation zone. He will sleep in 13th place, with 22 points, but has a game more than most of his opponents. Peixe’s next match will be against Bahia, in Vila Belmiro, also next Saturday.

no time to breathe

A hole in Santos’ defense opened early in the match. And still without time to breathe, Alvinegro left behind on the scoreboard. A shot from the defense reaches Cabrera in the middle. Undecided, Wagner Leonardo and Felipe Jonatan allowed a head pass between them to Jonathan Cafu, who kicked from outside the area and hit the right corner, opening the count at 4 minutes.

Zero efficiency of fish

The disadvantage on the scoreboard made Santos look for the attack, but without organization. Kicks from outside the area of ​​Pirani and Robson were some of the solutions found. And until the 20th minute, goalkeeper Walter had not yet been tested.

Baptist x Walter

Santos’s touch of the ball found it difficult to infiltrate the defense of Cuiabá. So aerial play became the best form of escape. And then yes, he forced Walter to show up well in the match. In the first chance, Carlos Sánchez arrived late after a cross from Pará. In the second, Camacho sent Léo Baptistão to head the angle for great defense by Walter.

early replacement

Coach Fernando Diniz, as usual, showed a lot of irritation with his players in the first half. And the weak – and unstable – performance forced him to promote the first change. On minute 32, Lucas Braga replaced Jean Mota, changing the team’s tactical system, in an attempt to increase Alvinegro’s presence on the wings.

Who scares is Cuiabá

If Santos intended to increase their offensive power with the entry of Lucas Braga, the strategy did not work in the remaining 15 minutes of the first half. Peixe practically only went around the opposing area and saw Cuiabá create another great chance in the 44th minute. Clayson made a good play on the right and fixed for Camilo. He hit from the edge of the area and only didn’t score the second goal thanks to an excellent defense by João Paulo.

Santos is another team

Santos came back well from the break and managed to advance through the wings. With the entry of Moraes in place of Felipe Jonatan, the left side became more dangerous, especially when Carlos Sánchez fell around to help. On the right side, the Fish also appeared in danger, looking for the balls raised to the middle of the area.

The beam for Santos

In the first 10 minutes, Santos arrived well on two occasions, both on the right side. In the first, Sánchez, free, crossed badly into the middle of the area. In the second, Pirani dominated the ball after a beautiful shot from Sánchez and hit cross, hitting Walter’s crossbar.

Cuiabá does not get discouraged

The start of the second half was bad for Cuiabá, but the home team did not give up the game and almost expanded the score amid the holy pressure. On minute 13, Elton stole the ball from Carlos Sánchez and called Felipe Marques. He advanced through the middle, cut an opponent and kicked in the right corner for a good defense by João Paulo.

Goal in alvinegra reward

Santos deserved the equality, conquered in the 18th minute in another good play by the wings. Lucas Braga started in the middle and sent the ball to Pará. The full-back made a cross to measure for Gabriel Pirani, who appeared free on the left side of the area. He hit first and hit Walter’s right corner to tie the game.

savior substitute

Cuiabá seemed unpretentious at the start. But he managed a saving goal at the end of the match. Santos was better in the match, but allowed the goal in an aerial play failure. From the left, Clayson made a perfect cross for Elton, who had entered the second half in place of Jenison. He climbed on Moraes’ back and sent him headfirst into the goal, guaranteeing the home team’s triumph.


Cuiabá 2 x 1 Santos
19th round of the Brazilian Championship
Date: September 4, 2021
Schedule: 9 pm (from Brasilia)
Local: Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá (MT)
Judge: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (RJ)
Assistants: Luiz Claudio Regazone (RJ) and Daniel do Espirito Santo Parro (RJ)
VAR: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (RJ)
Yellow cards: Camilo, Elton, Yuri Lima (Cuiabá); Marcos Guilherme (Santos)
Goals: Jonathan Cafu, at 4min of the first half, and Elton, at 43min of the second half (Cuiabá); Gabriel Pirani, at 18min of the second half (Santos)

Cuiabá: Walter; João Lucas, Marllon, Paulão, Uendel; Auremir (Yuri Lima), Camilo (Uillian Correia), Cabrera (Felipe Marques); Jonathan Cafu (Guilherme Pato), Jenison (Elton), Clayson. Coach: Jorginho.

saints: John Paul; Pará, Robson Reis (Danilo Boza), Wagner Leonardo, Felipe Jonatan (Moraes); Camacho (Ivonei), Jean Mota (Lucas Braga), Carlos Sánchez, Gabriel Pirani; Marcos Guilherme, Léo Baptistão (Marcos Leonardo). Technician: Fernando Diniz.