Datena makes another attack, reveals future in 2022 and takes Band by surprise

Datena announces candidacy for the presidency of the Republic live on Band (Image: Reproduction / Band)

In the picture Só No Nosso, from Brasil Urgente, José Luiz Datena he lost patience, dispensed with any protocol from the Band’s journalism and, live, was quite clear about his political position in 2022: “I am a candidate for the presidency of the Republic”.

During the police show last Friday (3), the presenter was very nervous when he broached the subject and warned that from that moment on he was in zero tolerance mode for interviews:

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore, don’t come looking for me for interviews about the presidency of the Republic. I am a candidate and the only candidate for the party that launched me, the PSL, but I don’t do that here anymore. Don’t come looking for me… Website, magazine, I’m a candidate, but I won’t talk about it”.

“This is not the time to talk about politics. It’s time to help the people, pow! They will help the people instead of creating confusion all the time!”, finished. The popular picture of Brasil Urgente became Datena’s main tool in direct contact with the public.

This week, he used the attraction and criticized Paulo Guedes, the economy minister, for the increase in the electricity bill. “Yeah, Paulo Guedes, only in ours. The ghost of the water and light crisis comes into action”, shot.

Check out the repercussion on the web:

Paulo Carvalho

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