“Decision is already made”; Santos sectorist exposes the future of Fernando Diniz and shakes fans in social networks


The commander was already under pressure in the position after the rout the team suffered for Flamengo and now the situation is getting worse

Photo: Fernanda Luz/AGIF


Photo: Fernanda Luz/AGIF

Santos can’t meet in the season, oscillates too much and lost another game: to Cuiabá, last Saturday (04), for the Brazilian Championship. The team even got to draw, but physically it was below expectations, they conceded the second goal and couldn’t react anymore. In social networks, Santos fans showed a lot of anger with the team’s performance.

The pressure around the work of Fernando Diniz is also very big and the climate seems to become increasingly unsustainable. the journalist Vagner Frederick informed that the decision regarding the resignation of the commander had already been taken by the direction of the São Paulo club.

From what I just found out, the decision is already made. Diniz will be fired. More information in a moment. (…) Decision will be communicated to Diniz tomorrow (today), after the Cuiabá team returns”, informed.

Since last week, there was already a ‘rumble‘ about the possible dismissal, but the directors understood that it was not the time, even though the team had taken a painful rout for Flamengo in Vila Belmiro. However, the team didn’t show almost any evolution after a week of training and that can weigh a lot.

The change of technician seems to be a matter of time and Diniz is facing the same problems from previous works, with pressure, criticism and many questions. In São Paulo, the old management banked several times, but soon after he was fired.