Diniz will not resign from Santos. Advisors already suggest Carille – Prism

São Paulo Brazil

31 games, 11 wins, eight draws and 12 losses.

44% use.

Elimination of Libertadores, still in the group stage.

Elimination of the Sudamericana, in the quarter-finals, for Libertad.

Team has already lost the first leg to Athletico Paranaense, for the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil.

A regretful defeat yesterday, against Cuiabá, left the team stagnant in 13th position, in the Brazilian Nationals. It could drop to 15th if São Paulo and Juventude win their games for the 19th round.

This is the scenario of the end of the ‘first round’ of the Brazilian to Santos.

The team is playing worse and worse, spaced out, insecure when the ball comes out, with loose markings, tense.

The team oscillates, is unstable, doesn’t show confidence.

The coach has shown emotional lack of control in games.

Charging the athletes to swear words, as he used to do in his final moments at São Paulo.

The pressure for the immediate dismissal of Fernando Diniz is immense in Vila Belmiro.

Situation and opposition advisers, heads of organized supporters, members of the board are asking for a position from President Andrés Rueda.

The leader is trapped.

He signed a contract with the technician until December 2022, with a termination fine.

And more than that, he promised the coach that by the end of 2021 he would have patience, because the club would undergo a makeover to make the squad cheaper, sell important players, because the club is going through a huge financial crisis. It owes more than R$600 million.

Diniz accepted, but warned the leader that the situation would not be easy. He promised that he would form another team in the middle of the season. And that there was no way to guarantee great results.

Rueda was satisfied, he only asked for commitment. And launching kids from the base.

But both Diniz and Rueda belittled Santos’ charge.

The best known club abroad, two-time world champions, trainer of Pelé and Neymar, would not accept such an easy vexatious campaign. At Paulista, the team went to the last round with a chance of relegation.

Everything indicates that in the Brazilian, the suffocation will be the same.

“The fan has the right to protest. No fan is happy, I’m not happy with the lack of results. Protests are normal, expected, the fan is sure to be angry,” said Diniz, yesterday, after the defeat against the Cuiabá.

But the coach is very wrong in believing that it is only fans who are angry. Influential advisors do not conform to the Santos campaign and want a change of coach.

The organized Santos already organize protests.

In yesterday’s interview, the coach let slip that the failures are explained by Santos’ lack of money, not his performance.

“Santos needs to sell players, they had to sell. We have Marinho injured. We had a tripod when I arrived.

“Santos are a huge team, they need leading players, so we’re working hard to make up for the absence of these players.”

Diniz has already got used to pressure for resignation at the clubs where he worked. And the blog had the information this morning. The coach has already warned Rueda that he will not resign. It is prepared for organized collection, press. The president who deals with the advisers and members of his board, tired of defeats.

The next two games will be fundamental for Diniz’s future.

Bahia, for the Brazilian, next Saturday, September 11th. And, mainly, the Athletico

The president is increasingly isolated. From the state of Paraná, being worthy of survival in the Copa do Brasil, on September 14th.

Rueda doesn’t hide the tension with these games.

Because of Diniz’s tenure in office.

Advisors already suggest Fábio Carille as a good name, used to working with limited squads at Corinthians.

The moment is problematic at Santos…