Discounts of up to 70% on clothing and electronics in stores across the state

The store manager Sandra Rodrigues shows some pieces on sale (Photo: Leone Iglesias/AT)The store manager Sandra Rodrigues shows some pieces on sale (Photo: Leone Iglesias/AT)

To move the economy and stimulate consumption, the state stores are offering offers that reach up to 70% off. In most establishments, promotions started yesterday and will run until the 13th.

The offers are part of the 3rd edition of Semana Brasil, a federal government initiative that takes place alongside the celebrations of the Semana da Pátria, when the Independence of Brazil is celebrated, on the 7th.

Clothes, accessories, perfumes, electronics and toys are part of the items on offer in stores. For Espirito Santo store owners, the expectation is positive, mainly due to the losses caused to the sector with the pandemic.

Taking advantage of the movement and also in celebration of the store’s anniversary, Jaklayne Joias is offering promotions, valid in all units of the chain, such as the Vitória and Vila Velha shopping malls, and also on the company’s website.

The store offers progressive discounts on pieces over R$50 plated in gold and silver: if the customer takes more than three pieces, he gets 15% off; above six, 20%; from 10 pieces, 30%. On the other hand, when buying two watches, the second of lesser or equal value comes with a 25% discount.

At Shopping Vitória, discounts reach up to 70%. Among the promotional items are headphones
wireless headphones, drinking fountains and clothes.

At the Indus store, customers can take three shirts for R$150, while each piece costs R$70.

Another offer is that, when buying two pants from the collection, the person gets a basic shirt.

“Week Brazil is already having an effect. I noticed a bigger movement today (yesterday)”, said the commercial manager of Indus of Shopping Vitória, Sandra Rodrigues.

Another promotion is at Óticas Paris, which has a 30% discount on all products, at all network units, until the 15th.

At Shopping Praia da Costa, there will be 50 participating stores, with prices reduced by up to 60%.

According to the mall’s Marketing Manager, Andreia Vidal, sales are already higher than last year. “We are growing, after the full reopening of the stores. This settlement is important, in terms of flow and sales”, he said.

At Shopping Vila Velha, there are more than 40 stores on sale, with discounts of up to 60%.

Polo Moda Glória, in Vila Velha, will hold “Dia D Glória” next week, between the 8th and 11th, in which the stores will have discounts of up to 70%.

Some of the products on sale

Bronzer Medium Tan Sun Hit Face Compact Powder, 28 grams.

  • With the discount, the product costs R$94.90 and stays for R$75.90.

  • Offer valid until the 12th.

Jacket (Photo: Archive/AT)Jacket (Photo: Archive/AT)

Windbreaker Laguna Jacket

  • To take advantage of cold days, warmly wrapped up (a).

  • With the store discount, the price drops from R$ 349.90 to 249.90.

Nativa Spa Plum Moisturizer (400 ml) and Nativa Spa Plum refill (400 ml)

  • With the promotion, the two together, for R$ 110.80, go out for R$ 64.90.

Technos Legacy men’s watch

  (Photo: Archive/AT) (Photo: Archive/AT)

Baby Alive doll, from the Learning to Care line

  • Blonde, as a gift for the children.

  • With the promotion, the price, from R$229.99, drops to R$179.99.

Armani Exchange Sunglasses

  • For sunny days.

  • With a 60% discount, it drops from R$460 to R$184.

  • Promotion valid until the next 13th.

  (Photo: Archive/AT) (Photo: Archive/AT)

Fragrance and deodorant cologne Floratta Red (75 ml)

  • With the promotion, the price drops from R$114.90 to R$79.90.

  • Offer valid until the next 12th.

Traditional antiseptic liquid soap (300 ml)

  • With 50% discount, it starts at R$31 and stays for R$15.50.

  • Promotion valid until the next 12th.

  (Photo: Archive/AT) (Photo: Archive/AT)

Necklaces plated in 18 carat gold, with white zirconia.

Mattel’s Hot Wheels Color Change Scientific Station

  • For the kids to have fun at home.

  • With the promotion, it drops from R$249.99 to R$169.99.

Forum Lavender Perfume

  • To cool off the hottest days.

  • With the 50% discount promotion, the R$119 product is worth R$59.50.

  (Photo: Archive/AT) (Photo: Archive/AT)

Abstract Palm Volley men’s shorts

  • With asymmetric print in neutral tones.

  • With the promotion, the piece that costs R$ 229.90 is for R$ 137.94.