Doctors criticize councilor Carmelo Neto’s invasion of UPAs in Fortaleza

The City Hall of Fortaleza released new lists with appointments for this Saturday, 4. In the Capital, born until July 2008 may receive the first dose (D1) of the immunizing agent against Covid-19. In addition, they were rescheduled adults born from october 1981 who missed the first dose (D1) against Covid-19. The Municipality of Fortaleza expects to serve 21,179 scheduled.

It is possible to check the schedule itself, individually, through the Vacine Já platform or through the Fortaleza City Hall website specifically about Coronavirus. All the names of the vaccinated are also released by the City Hall through PDF lists on the management’s official website.

>> Check the list of the population scheduled (D1) for Saturday (04/09)

Until Friday 3, 895,115 from Fortaleza completed the vaccination schedule against Covid-19, through the application of two doses or with a single dose immunizing agent, and ensured greater protection from the disease. With at least one of the doses, the total number of people vaccinated is about 1.8 million people. The information was disclosed in the Vacinometer of the Municipal Health Department (SMS).

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What to take for vaccination

Upon vaccination, it will be mandatory to present an original identity document with photo, National Health Card (CNS) or CPF and proof of address in the city of Fortaleza, as only residents of the Capital will be covered.

How do I know if I’m scheduled?

1) For the people of Fortaleza, it is possible to consult the daily vaccination lists published on the website Coronavirus Fortaleza and also check the registration on the website Vaccinate Now (;

two) On the Vacine Já website, enter your CPF, your date of birth and the requested code. Then click on “Consult”. The system will show your registered data and, if the schedule is available, it will indicate your time and place of vaccination;

3) Those who do not live in Fortaleza should remember that each municipality it has its own schedule for scheduling the Covid-19 vaccination based on data from Digital Health. Therefore, it is important to seek the communication channels of the municipal health department from your city and keep track of the vaccination schedule where you live. Check the websites of each city hall in Ceará on the website of the Association of Municipalities of the State of Ceará (Aprece).

How to register for Digital Health?

In Ceará, it is necessary to register on the platform Digital Health for vaccination against Covid-19. THE PEOPLE explains how to register on the platform.

1) To register, you must access the Digital Health website ( and click on “I still don’t have a registration”;

Registration of vaccination in Ceará against Covid-19.
Registration of vaccination in Ceará against Covid-19. (Photo: Reproduction/Digital Health Site)

two) Basic information will be requested, such as country of origin, CPF, full name, date of birth, mother’s name, contact telephone number, gender, race/color and professional information. The provision of the National Health Card (CNS) is optional;

To register, it is necessary to fill in the fields with personal data.
To register, it is necessary to fill in the fields with personal data. (Photo: Reproduction / Digital Health)

3) The next phase asks for health data to identify if the person belongs to priority groups. You are also asked if you have had Covid-19 recently;

In the second step, information about the person's classification into priority groups is asked.
In the second step, information about the person’s classification into priority groups is asked. (Photo: Reproduction / Digital Health)

4) The last step of the process asks for the person’s home address, which will serve as a basis for scheduling in the municipality where the vaccine will be applied;

On the next screen, you need to provide data about your home address.
On the next screen, you need to provide data about your home address. (Photo: Reproduction / Digital Health)

5) After filling in all the data, a page will open for confirmation of all data. In it, the person must create an access password and enter an email;

6) The Health Department will send a registration confirmation link to the email provided.

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What to do if the registration confirmation email does not arrive?

First, check all your email inboxes, such as “spam” and “trash”. If you do not find the message, Sesa provides the toll-free telephone number 0800 275 1475 for inquiries about the State Vaccination Registry. On the website of Sesa and the Government of Ceará, the virtual assistant “Plantão Coronavirus” is also available.

If the question is related to immunization in Fortaleza, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) provides the number 156.

For Thursday, we have 32,248 scheduled for 2nd dose and 1,543 rescheduled (born December 18, 1981 to March 31, 1995) for 1st dose.

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