Eduardo Bueno says “Sérgio Reis could have died” and becomes a topic on Twitter

Journalist, writer and youtuber Eduardo Bueno (featured photo) was among the most talked about subjects on Twitter, this Sunday morning (5/9), after saying that singer and ex-deputy Sérgio Reis could have died in place of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, who died two weeks ago , at 80 years old.

The controversial statement was given during the 8 Minutes program, by Rafinha Bastos. After the speech, the presenter agreed with the journalist.

“I don’t have real hate when I get into a spiritual vibe, I don’t. I forgive even this one, but on this earthly plane here, in politics, I have and I wish. For example, Charlie Watts died. Why didn’t Sergio Reis die? I would rather have Sérgio Reis die”, said Bueno.

“What did Sérgio Reis mean to the history of the world? Nothing, it’s an excrescence, it’s a pathetic man with a hideous big hat, with horrible music. Sertanejo is one of the most despicable, disgusting things there is, understand? And rock, the Rolling Stones are a light, a transcendence linked to the demo: ‘Sympathy for the devil!’” he continued.

See the video:

On August 14, singer Sérgio Reis won the national news after having an audio leaked on the internet in which he calls truck drivers for an act in favor of president Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

The singer also criticized ministers of the Supreme Court (STF) and said that the demonstrations would serve to pressure the Federal Senate to approve the impeachment of members of the Supreme Court.

On August 20, Sérgio Reis was the target of an operation by the Federal Police. Agents fulfilled search and seizure warrants at the artist’s residence, issued by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF.

The corporation investigates “possible commission of the crime of inciting the population, through social networks, to practice violent and threatening acts against democracy, the rule of law and its institutions, as well as against members of the Powers”.