Employees eat ‘leftovers’ at Viviane Araújo’s wedding

Viviane Araújo and William Militão got married this Friday (3rd). She exchanged alliances with the businessman in Vargem Grande, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, inside Espaço Lajedo. But despite the impeccable ceremony, the employees, who worked on the security part of the event, were not so pleased.

According to the bride’s advisor, Débora Martinez, 300 people were invited to the event with a capacity of 600. According to her, the security protocols were followed and whoever entered the party passed the Covid-19 test. But what was luxury for the guests, for those who worked behind the scenes at the ceremony, it was another story.

second one source for the Em Off, the employees had their food regulated. “My old man is p*t because he worked at Viviane Aráujo’s wedding and they didn’t give the security people anything to eat properly, he said that 3 am they allowed him to eat pasta with sausage,” the source said in a Twitter post.

About the treatment with the security guards, the source pointed out that David Brazil, of the famous, was the only one who still greeted and gave sweets to the security guards. Therefore, the security guards’ food was not included and they were only able to eat at the end of the party, which ended in the middle of the morning today.

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Other than that, they didn’t eat. Only allowed to eat 3 am. Only the ‘rest’. They ate pasta with sausage and what was there was cold, stirred”, revealed the source who preferred not to be identified.

Several famous people attended Viviane’s ceremony. Gretchen, David Brazil, Léo Aquila, were some of those who were there. However, the couple Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira did not go to the place, even after they confirmed their presence at the party, according to the newspaper Extra.

To cheer up the guests, they called Xande de Pilares, Salgueiro drums, and Mumuzinho who made a small appearance on stage. In the Stories of those who were there, it was possible to see that the couple had a lot of fun at the event that ended around 3:00 am today.

Unforeseen events happen, and at the wedding of the global actress, the little dog Dom, who was in charge of taking the wedding rings to the newlyweds, “stuck” and was carried to the altar by a page. But the moment amused those present at the lavish ceremony.

Em Off tried to contact the advisor of actress Viviane Araújo, but as of this writing, there has been no response on the matter.

Source talks about Viviane Araújo’s marriage (Photo: Reproduction/ Twitter)

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