Evaristo Costa calls CNN Brasil when he returns from vacation and finds out he was fired – E-mails

Journalist Evaristo Costa, who left CNN in September

Journalist Evaristo Costa, who left CNN in September Photo: Instagram/@evaristocostaficial

Fired over the phone during a call he made himself. Thats how Evaristo Costa learned that he would no longer be part of the team at CNN Brazil.

The journalist shared the information with the more than seven million followers he has on Instagram this Friday night.

“The father is ON. Since the 1st of September I found out that I am no longer part of CNN”, began the text next to the photo in which he appears smiling in the station’s studio.

The image, in black and white, appears ‘cracked’, symbolizing the breach of contract.

Evaristo Costa explained how he received the news of the resignation, in a surprising way. “Yes, I used to work at CNN, but when I came back from vacation, watching the network’s new programming call, I noticed the lack of my program. interest in my services,” he said.

The journalist reported that he is still recovering from the shock. “It’s the game! ‘Your will be done’ When I recover from what happened, I’ll give you the details that are still being worked out. Free on the track,” he concluded.

In August 2019, the journalist was hired by CNN Brasil. “I had no intention of going back to TV,” he declared at the time.

Evaristo Costa was, for many years, one of the anchors of the Newspaper Today, at TV Globo, alongside Sandra Annenberg. In July 2017, he decided to leave television to live in London with his family.

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