Evaristo Costa negotiates financial part after CNN resigns

Evaristo Costa has not yet settled all the details of the contract termination with CNN. O UOL found that the journalist and the broadcaster are negotiating financial issues of the link, but have not reached an agreement so far.

The journalist considered the station’s posture “inelegant”. The surprise with the cancellation of his program ruled out any possibility of negotiation for a new project on CNN itself.

Also according to the sources, the presenter is doing well and very happy with the support he has been receiving. On social media, journalists, artists and Evaristo fans left comments with positive messages.

O UOL contacted Evaristo, who said he preferred to wait for the termination to be defined before giving interviews. On Instagram, the journalist made himself available to the market: “The father is on”, he wrote in the post about his departure from CNN.

Broadcaster claims ‘changes in the grid’

The former “CNN Original Series” presenter discovered that he had been fired while on vacation at home while watching the channel’s programming. Evaristo noticed that the program he was presenting was not on the list of attractions advertised by the network and decided to understand why. He was then informed that the TV network no longer had his services.

“Watching the station’s new program call, I noticed the lack of my program. It’s from the game! ‘Your will be done’. When I recover from what happened, I’ll give you more details. Free on the dancefloor,” he said.

CNN announced today that it had terminated the contract with the presenter alleging changes to its grid. Evaristo has been with the network since June 2019.

The station also confirmed the date and time of the debut of the program “CNN Business”, which will be presented by Phelipe Siani and Fernando Nakagawa. The attraction will air on Thursdays at 10:30 pm, starting on September 16th.