Ex-wife threatened Bolsonaro with exposing the couple’s intimacies, says former employee

Ana Cristina Valle, mother of Jair Renan, 04, feared being removed from the Rachadinhas’ scheme

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

The ex-wife of President Jair Bolsonaro and mother of Jair Renan, son 04 of the former captain, Ana Cristina Valle, threatened to expose the couple’s intimate stories if she was removed from the Rachadinhas’ scheme.

The revelation was made by Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos, a former employee of the family, in an interview with journalist Guilherme Amado, from the website metropolises.

In the conversation, Marcelo says that not all the stories Ana Cristina threatened to spread about Bolsonaro were true.

“This happened when he started to be pressured by his children, in the chap business, and he had to take action. That’s when she went to threaten him, saying that if he did something, she would f*** him too,” he reveals.

O metropolises chose not to reproduce the stories because they involve other people’s privacy.

The former employee also says that Ana Cristina used Jair Renan in blackmail. “First she blackmailed him using (Jair) Renan. She said she would disappear with Renan, this and that. She is capable of all of this,” he said.

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