Exclusive: Globo schedules debut of Pantanal; know when

Marcos Palmeira, protagonist of Pantanal; Globo schedules the premiere of a new version (Image: João Miguel Júnior / Globo)

THE Globe intends to debut the remake of wetland on March 14th. The telenovela by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, updated by Bruno Luperi, is the channel’s big bet for 2022. Thus, Um Lugar ao Sol, plot that marks the arrival of Lícia Manzo at 9 pm, will have only 107 chapters – the release is scheduled for November 8th.

Pantanal reconstitutes the saga of José Leôncio (Renato Góes / Marcos Palmeira). As a young man, Zé pioneered the region alongside his father Joventino (Osmar Prado). During a business trip to Rio de Janeiro, Leôncio falls in love with Madeleine (Bruna Linzmeyer). The two marry, to the sadness of the eternally passionate Irma (Malu Rodrigues), her sister, and Filó (Letícia Salles), a farm employee.

Years later, Zé Leôncio receives a visit from the son that Madeleine (still without an interpreter scheduled for the second phase) took away from the Pantanal when the two divorced. Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) causes estrangement among the peons, due to his “manners”, and jealousy in his brother Tadeu (José Loreto), Filó’s heir (then Dira Paes) that his father did not recognize as legitimate.

The situation takes on new contours when Jove, in love with the wild Juma Marruá (Alanis Guillen), decides to set foot on the farm. José Leôncio and his two sons, plus José Lucas de Nada (Irandhir Santos) – the result of the protagonist’s relationship with a prostitute – fight against the tyranny of Tenório (Murilo Benício), a neighbor who made a fortune with land grabbing.

Under the artistic direction of Rogério Gomes, Pantanal also brings together, in the first chapters, Juliana Paes, Enrique Diaz, Leopoldo Pacheco and Gabriel Stauffer. Caco Ciocler, Isabel Teixeira, Julia Dalavia, Juliano Cazarré, Selma Egrei, Silvero Pereira, Bella Campos, Gabriel Sater, Guito, Leandro Lima and Paula Barbosa participate in the second stage.

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