“Fair and very human”, says Fernando Pavão about Pharaoh Sheshi – Genesis

Fernando Pavão plays Pharaoh Sheshi, the most powerful man in Egypt, in the seventh and final phase of the soap opera Genesis, in a plot surrounded by suspense, power struggle and intense passions. And, surprisingly, it will cross paths with Joseph throughout history.

In an interview with official site, Fernando Pavão said that he dedicated himself to studies on customs and research on Ancient Egypt to delve into the character’s universe.

The actor explained that Sheshi was the first Hyksos, that is, non-Egyptian pharaoh, considered a foreigner:

“This in itself is a different fact in the history of the dynasties of the pharaohs. Sheshi has a very strong characteristic, which is this connection with the people. He has an estrangement and an adaptation phase when he goes to the palace, when he takes the power, defeats Apepe, who is the ancient pharaoh. He was not a person who had a preparation. Therefore, he does not fit in with those customs and has some attitudes that are outside of tradition.”

Pharaoh’s first surprising decision, contrary to the advice of the palace nobles, was to include the people in the coronation feast.

“This was unthinkable at the time. Because Pharaoh was considered the living Horus, the god on earth, [naquela cultura] so an ordinary person could never look at the pharaoh,” he said.

In addition to the strong connection with the people, the actor also highlighted that Sheshi is very human, fair and that he suffers for love. The concern with approval led him to marry a legitimate Egyptian, Merianat (Samia Abreu), the great royal wife, but he carries a great love for the second wife, Kamesha (Kizi Vaz).

“He is a passionate man, I would say. Kamesha and Sheshi have known each other since they were small, so he has this very special feeling for her,” he said, noting that Pharaoh lived in a society where monogamy did not exist.

Upon appearing unrecognizable as the pharaoh Sheshi for the novel’s new phase, the actor commented on the change in look, with his head completely shaved.

“It was the first thing I did in the characterization, I wanted to see this image of mine. I come across a lot of people here [nos bastidores] and no one recognizes me, masked and bald, and I think that’s great, because sometimes we play so many roles, and often with a similar characterization in terms of looks and hair, that I’m loving it,” concluded Fernando Pavão, that he had to remove all the hair from his body to portray a time when the Egyptians had this custom to avoid head lice.

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