Find out which are the most economical cars in Brazil – Automobile

Combining comfort, efficiency and economy in a single vehicle has been a recurrent demand for drivers, especially in the scenario of repeated fuel increases. With prices approaching the BRL 6 per liter, one of the options for buyers is to put only models in the garage that are able to run more in the city and on highways, spending less gasoline or ethanol. Thus, the Northeast Diary separated a list with the five more economical cars of the present in Brazil.

The proposed top 5 considered the last report of the Brazilian Labeling Program (PBE) of the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro). Since 2019, this seal attests how much energy the car needs to generate in km/l for it to work. In all, 1,034 versions of 36 brands were evaluated in 2020 by the agency.

All models included in this report obtained seal A, that is, they have the lowest energy consumption and are considered light and economical. Number 1 on the list is the Onix Plus, which can do 14.3 km/l in the city and 17.7 km/l on the road fueled with gasoline, and 10.1 km/l and 12.5 km/l, respectively, with ethanol.

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Onix Plus

  • Ethanol – 10.1 km/l (city) and 12.5 km/l (road)
  • Petrol – 14.3 km/l (city) and 17.7 km/l (road)
  • Price – BRL 58,790

Model has traction and stability controls


Equipped with steel wheels and 15-inch hubcaps, the hatch has an Isofix system that allows the inclusion of child seats, as well as traction and stability controls, fog lamp, ramp start assistant and front, side and curtain airbags.

The model also has manual air conditioning, electric steering, electric windows with one-touch function, electric locks, on-board computer, pocket knife, two USB ports (front and rear), split rear seat, rear defogger, simple radio with Bluetooth and steering wheel controls.

Renault Kwid

  • Ethanol – 10.3 km/l (city) and 10.8 km/l (road)
  • Petrol – 14.9 km/l (city) and 15.6 km/l (road)
  • Price – BRL 46,390

Zen, one of four versions of Kwid


Sold in Life, Zen, Intense and Outsider versions, whose prices range from R$ 46,390 to R$ 57,490, the Renault Kwid is equipped with a 1.0 70/77 hp aspirated engine and a five-speed manual gearbox, 14 alloy wheels “, in addition to the 290-litre trunk, the largest in the SUV category.

The vehicle’s 2021 line safety kit comes with four airbags (two front and two side), ABS brakes and driver and co-pilot belt forgetfulness warning. Accessories include fog light, rear electric window, rear camera, alarm and parking sensor.

Fiat Mobi Drive 1.0 6V

  • Ethanol – 9.7 km/l (city) and 11.5 km/l (road)
  • Petrol – 13.8 km/l (city) and 16.4 km/l (road)
  • Price – BRL 39 thousand

Vehicle has standard equipment for safety, comfort and infotainment


The subcompact offers standard safety equipment (ABS brakes, central door locks, front airbags); comfort (air conditioning, height adjustment of the steering wheel, power steering and internal trunk control), and infotainment (onboard computer, tachometer and external temperature indicator).

The 2022 line of the vehicle will feature innovations mainly in the Trekking version, which has a 7-inch multimedia center with voice recognition, in addition to a storage compartment, auxiliary mirror, four speakers, two tweeters and a multifunctional steering wheel

Renault Sandero

  • Ethanol – 9.5 km/l (city) and 9.6 km/l (road)
  • Petrol – 14.2 km/l (city) and 14.1 km/l (road)
  • Price – BRL 69,490

Car has ABS system and ventilated discs at the front


Four-stroke engine, bi-fuel (gasoline and/or ethanol), three in-line cylinders, 12 valves and pressurized water circuit cooling, the Renault Sandero has a five-speed mechanical gearbox and reverse gear with ABS system, ventilated discs in the front and rear drum brakes.

The Zen version has electro-hydraulic steering, 15″ wheels, side airbags and isofix, seat and steering wheel height adjustment, among other standard equipment. The GT Line, in turn, has 15″ alloy wheels, headlamp fog, rear power windows and rear bumper.

Volkswagen UP TSI 1.0 12V

  • Ethanol – 9.6 km/l (city) and 11.1 km/l (road)
  • Petrol – 14.1 km/l (city) and 16 km/l (road)
  • Price – BRL 56,900

UP leaves the dealership with electronic brake distribution and electrical locks


With a five-speed manual transmission, the UP TSI 1.0 12V has front-wheel drive, electric steering and disc brakes with two ventilated discs. The suspension is McPherson type and front with stabilizer bar, independent wheel and coil springs, while the rear is by torsion axle, semi-independent wheel and coil springs.

The safety items are made up of driver and passenger airbag, electronic brake distribution and electric locks. The car also comes with an on-board computer and fog lamp.